People are always asking me about how much water they should drink. The answer? It’s up for debate. The Institute of Medicine recommends the “8×8” rule, eight oz glasses per day. That’s a little more than a liter or half a  gallon. Many take part in the ‘gallon challenge,’ the online water challenge designed to help people become more accountable for getting their water in everyday. I’ve even read that you should have an ounce of water per pound of body weight.

The truth is the amount of water we need everyday varies by individual according to how much activity and what type of activity they’ve done. While we can’t come to a consensus on a general number for general health, we can, it seems, come to a consensus on how much is needed to lose weight. Not only has it been found that drinking 17oz of water can temporarily boost the metabolism by 24-30% for 90 minutes, but studies also show that drinking two liters, or one gallon, can increase energy expenditure by 96 calories per day!

The takeaway here is, while the optimal water consumption for optimal health throughout is debatable, if you want to lose weight, drink your gallon! Having trouble getting started? Follow me on Instagram @tracebykris, and look out for my water challenge!  


Featured Image: Shutterstock