Erica Campbell’s First-Hand Account of Surviving Lymphoma.

Six short years ago, I was diagnosed with potentially fatal Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. My journey to survive my battle with cancer was very trying, but after overcoming my obstacles, I became passionate about inspiring people to have the desire to survive any challenge they may face in their lives. My fight to survive lymphoma had its highs and lows. However, I didn’t give up even when my battle seemed like it would never grow any easier. Through my unwavering faith and trust in God, as well as exuding a positive attitude, I knew I could get through it all.

After 6+ months of happy and worry days, 12 rounds of chemotherapy, and the thought of my family losing me to cancer, I relied heavily on mediation and prayer to get me through my toughest moments and to keep me on a positive track to feel amazing, so I could remain an amazing inspiration for other fighters.


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This feature was written by Erica Campbell


Featured Image: Erica Campbell | Instagram