Congratulations are in order!

Queen B has just announced eight winners of her Homecoming Scholars Award Program from HBCUs!

Beyoncé shared the exciting news on her website just yesterday. Initially, Beyoncé only named four universities and colleges through her BeyGOOD program but in the end, she “extended the program to all qualifying students at the universities, regardless of gender.”

Check out the official announcement below!

It was back in April when Beyoncé announced the exciting scholarship opportunity following her unforgettable Coachella performance which paid homage to HBCUs.

The eight scholarship recipients were given this scholarship to pursue their studies in literature, creative arts, African-American studies, science, education, business, communications, social sciences, computer science and engineering and must maintain a 3.5 GPA or above.

Congratulations recipients!

Featured Image: Shutterstock