Ricardo Grant is an entrepreneur from Cincinnati, Ohio and the founder of a start – up in the tech industry. His platform, CrownMob targets the ethnic care industry with an emphasis on African American and Hispanic hair care. This system connects the creators, product realtors, barbers, stylists and so forth. Sheen Magazine caught up with Rico to learn more about CrownMob and entrepreneurship!

What inspired you to begin CrownMob?

It’s actually a pretty cool story. My wife and I are long time consumers of the hair industry in regards to everything from barbershops to products and so forth. Back earlier this year, she ordered some products offline and when they were delivered by UPS, I took the package to her and she opened it up. She reaches into one of the box and pulls out bundles of hair. My next question was, “How much was that?” I’ve never been married before so this is all new to me, she wouldn’t tell me. So I figured that it was pretty expensive, I looked at our credit card statements and I found that item and I realized that it was expensive! The product that she ordered was roughly $600 dollars. I asked her, “What kind of sources do you have to find a better price for you?” She had no clue of a market place to where she could do such a thing. Specifically, the weave industry alone is a $9 billion industry. I couldn’t understand why something like CrownMob didn’t exist so I decided to build it.

How do you believe that CrownMob will not only change the services for people but also the platform for the hair care industry?

The way I see CrownMob is that it’s going to make the ethnic hair care industry less of a hassle. I use this slogan all the time, “Your hair shouldn’t be rocket science”. We are creating a platform which we call a game changer. We are putting the resources in the hands of the consumers. We’re giving customers the opportunity to execute their buying power. I didn’t understand why I could find a Walmart but I couldn’t find a barbershop that specific to my needs. We are providing that, and it’s going to help business owners have more build their book of business, make more money, have more customers, and so forth.

Would you say your goals have changed since you decided to start CrownMob?

I don’t think the goal has changed, what I think has changed is the timeline we hit that goal. I gave myself a year as an entrepreneur. I said, “in a year, I’m going to raise the amount of money we need to build this platform, I’m going to have a team that can build the platform to get out in the market”. That year has turned into eight months. Our company believes in stretched goals, there will be strategic goals that will put us in a strain. We do that for ourselves, goals will compile with our company as we move forward. And we’re going to work day and night to make those goals reality.

What advice to you have for young entrepreneurs?

I think we need to spend less time thinking about it. I firmly believe that one of the biggest components of being successful in entrepreneurship is truly having two feet in the game, being dead center. Take advantage of your resources. Those things combined with being hungry as possible. Breathing and living it day and night so that you know your business model at the back of your hand. You got to be confident and know what you’re talking about. I think those three components can make any entrepreneur one of the top entrepreneurs in the world.

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Featured Image provided by Ricardo Grant