There are very few things more annoying than when you’re trying to share quality time with your significant other and they can’t seem to focus on anything else except check their social media likes, browse their timeline, check their emails or answer a text message—all things that can apparently wait.

Well, Erykah Badu empathizes with you, recently sharing her thoughts on society’s cell phone obsession with the release of her recent single, “Phone Down.”

The sultry R & B songstress provides an anthem for all of us us who’ve been there, subtly giving us the blueprint on just how to demand the attention of our lovers as she confidently bellows out assertive lyrics over a laid-back beat declaring her ability to make her counterpart provide his full attention when she states, ‘I can make you put your phone down/ I see your friend calling but forget ‘em/ I can make you put your phone down/ Your mama probably thinking you out there missing.”

The new track is a single from her forthcoming mixtape entitled, You Can’t Use My Phone, which is set to release Thanksgiving weekend.

According to Ms. Badu in a recent Fader magazine interview, the track and the mixtape were inspired by her dear friend Drake and his new song “Hotline Bling.”

“Hotline Bling started it. After I heard that song, it inspired me… We’re very good friends and we had some great talks. Sonically, he’s in a place where I’d like to be,” Badu explained.

So the next time your mate decides to choose Instagram over you, turn on “Phone Down” and let them know you mean business.