When founders  Megan Alston and Nia Rice, owners of public relations and event management company, Serene MGMT, began planning Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media the research was intense! What’s a void that hadn’t been filled? They hit LITI right on the nose. LITI was more than just a conference, it was the ultimate judge free atmosphere for girl talk, with like-minded business women! It was a way that women could do more than just “come together.” They grew and released together.

On Saturday, October 7, 2017, at the WeWork Wonder Bread Factory, Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media Conference kicked off for the second time in Washington DC! The event held live interviews, unlimited mimosas, breakfast refreshments, full bar lunch, live entertainment music, 3 powerful panels, celebrity and influence panelists, networking hour, and so much more!

Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media Conference was created when founders, Serene MGMT, realized that there was a gap between the connection with women. Their mission has been to bring women together in the entertainment industry through common lifestyles such as motherhood, single and dating, wives, LGBTs and more in order to create meaningful and sound relationships. These relationships create more opportunities for women to work together and creates more job opportunities for the upcoming generation. We now have a place to express ourselves, within this male-dominated industry! At the first conference over a 100 women from all over the east coast gathered in a room to discuss their adversities, methods they use to keep their success and network in order to create new opportunities. Women on the panel were from Fox 5, CBS Radio, Radio One, international bloggers, award-winning publicist and more!

Now, they were back for the second time,  they announced the new scholarship fund and mentoring program that they will launch in 2018. The scholarship fund is called, “LITI Scholarship”, where they will raise $5,000 in order to give 3-5 young ladies a scholarship who’s majors are within the fields of entertainment – communications, fine arts, hospitality etc. The mentoring program is where they take past panelists and event contributors of LITI, and a seasoned lady in the industry is paired with an inspiring young lady that is trying to get into the occupation as they are in. However, they are pairing ladies together that not only share the same occupation dreams but also personal dreams such as married, single, mothers, etc.

The conference included three panels; the signature panel: “The Power Panel“, which focused on finances, “The Friendships Panel“, which discussed the art of developing and maintaining great relationships in the industry, and last ” The Dating Panel“, where they discussed ways to carry ourselves as women in the industry while looking for love. Breakfast refreshments and dessert bar were sponsored by Elite Creations by Thrisha, and a full bar lunch sponsored by 2 fish and 5 loaves BBQ Catering. Live performance opening and during lunch from recording artist, Tolumide. Interviews were held by the conferences media correspondent, award-winning international blogger, Raro Lae. The Panelists included:

Ladies raved from the start to the end about how awesome of a time that they. Ladies in the Industry: Music and Media. They closed out the event not only announcing scholarship and mentoring projects, but also the upcoming events and conferences to happen in New York and Atlanta, GA. This team is sure making history with LITI!

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Check out some of the action below

All Images by Zeni Media Group