The energetic event host and viral social media star, Justin Stewart has been in the television industry for over eight years. The University of Maryland Eastern alumna currently works as the segment producer of the No. 1 rated morning show in Washington, DC known as “Good Day DC”, on Fox 5!

Earlier this year, he went viral on social media for his vogue performance on the Wendy Williams Show! Outside of enjoying his best days, Stewart works hard behind the scenes on set and mentioned in a recent interview with me on Starrdom100 Radio that he has always wanted to work in television. We spoke about his journey in television production and what keeps him staying motivated daily to deliver the best experience for himself and others while on set.

How did you get started in the TV industry?

Well, I always knew what I wanted to do and I tell people all the time that I was very young, maybe in middle school, when I knew that I wanted to do television. When I was in high school, I took classes on television production and that fueled my passion even more. Growing up, I loved watching the news and I loved the production value of it. I knew the stories and I was fascinated by the anchors and just everything about it. I grew up in DC, so it’s surreal and a blessing to me that I actually get to produce for a show that I grew up watching. My first gig in DC was as a reporter for Metro Weekly, which is an LGBT Magazine, and from there they gave me my own web series called, “Do It With Justin”, and I got a chance to go around with different LGBT groups and experience them. From there I moved to ABC 7 WJLA and I became a production assistant, which is basically an entry-level position. It gave me the opportunity to practice my craft as a reporter and as a producer. I got to work one on one with television anchors who taught me how to put together a show and then after that, I moved on to Fox 5, where I am today!

What’s the best part of working in television production?

The best part about it is that I get to meet so many cool people, but I also get to do what I love and every day is different. If every day was the same for me I would probably not be able to function correctly (laughing). Every day I get to be creative, I get to write about things that I don’t really know about. I get to discover things…. and I get to work with different people and meet celebrities and do Red Carpets and go to different events. I love that part about my job because every day is different.”


Justin Stewart is the perfect example of putting in work towards your dream. Before gaining that dream job, he continued to work other jobs on the side. So for those entrepreneurs looking to get ahead, you don’t always have to quit your day job and dive right in, sometimes you need to keep working those other side jobs until the one you want takes off for you. Remember to stay in pursuit of your passion and never let anyone stop you. Like Justin, we can learn that all you got to do is keep going and surround yourself with people who can help you get to where you desire to be in life. I had such an exciting and amazing time conversing with producer Justin Stewart of “Good Day DC!”

Listen in as Justin Stewart tells me about his viral vogue
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