Madame Gabrielle Alexandra Smith was born on January 14, 1997 in Northeast, Washington, DC. She is a journalist, private/personal chef, actor, mathematician, philosopher, publicist, visual artist, analyst, playwright, and much more.

She attended the illustrious Duke Ellington School of the Arts for high school. Museum Studies become her place for creativity and a place where she found her inner self.

She says, “Museum Studies is the best department in the world and taught me everything.”

The latest news is her making a civil rights leader’s dream come true. Currently, this civil rights icon has actually four children who are living.

Furthermore, Smith rose to fame while living a double life. One was a journalist in her dorm room at SUNY Purchase located in Westchester, New York. Two, pursuing and graduating with two degrees in Communications and English. Smith also went around the world, interviewing at least one person in every state and continent in just 13 days, which is something Christopher Columbus could not accomplish fully. She gained respect in three of the world’s major entertainment sectors: Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood.

“I just want to live one life now.”

Another name that is associated with Gabrielle Alexandra Smith is The President of Social Media. She gained the name when unexpectedly dropping her memoir Herstory, which is an ode to white, Hispanic, Black, Asian, Caribbean women, and any other race. Smith is the first to ever drop a memoir on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Madam Gabrielle is the first to drop a memoir on social, let alone Facebook and instagram. She has changed the way the world looks at social media.

She wonders why there is no Men’s Movement March, which she plans on constructing. Smith has hopes of joining forces with Mayor Muriel Bowser Keisha Lance Bottoms, Stacey Abrams, The Black Lives Matter Movement, and other very powerful leaders in this world to help fix what is happening.

“When I do partner with these very powerful leaders, we will wear these museum studies shirts that I designed to carry out activities.”

Where can we find this blue shirt?

Call Duke Ellington School of the Arts. Ask for the Museum Studies department. They cost between $25-50 dollars.

Madame Gabrielle currently resides in Washington, DC with her family. During her spare time, she exercises at Planet Fitness located in Seat Pleasant, Maryland. She talks to her best friend Ezekiel Tyrique Datcher who attends Elizabeth City University located in North Carolina.

Madam, How did you interview +400 celebrities in entertainment, make your journey around the world your dorm, and graduate with two very hard degrees?

Madam Gabrielle: White people. First, Dr. Katherine Kidd, who is white woman who is a Lutheran named Dr. Katherine Kidd who currently resides in Massachusetts. Second, Steven Simmons who is a black man, helped me get through college.

Third, Ilyasah Shabazz who is the third daughter of Malcolm X. She is a very famous black woman who is a  highly respected celebrity in Hollywood and this person is connected deeply to history, she also tremendously helped me and became my 1st mentor. Aside from family, these are the most important people in my life. I deeply have unconditional love for them.

How did you get the name of President of Social Media?

A white gentleman while walking outside noticed me off Instagram and told me, “That you are seriously letting us see things differently. You can connect to your generation and the younger generations. Just become The President of Social Media.” I resisted the title. Then, I took the title.

She recently joined North Carolina’s hottest station Power 104.4 FM where she will continue her memoir as an audiobook, which has never been done before.

Madam Gabrielle Aka MG is a serious trailblazer who is a Black Girl who Rocks. In 2021, she has broken over 10 barriers and continues to do so.

Her memoir Herstory is currently streaming on Facebook and Instagram.





Featured Image courtesy of Gabrielle Alexandra Smith