We loved her as Monica in the forever-classic Love and Basketball and she was everyone’s home girl—Sidney who caused us to fall in love with hip hop all over again in Brown Sugar. We also applauded her quiet grace for keeping it classy as Robin in The Best Man.

Sanaa Lathan just has ‘it’ and now she is giving us more of ‘it’ in the hot, new sexy thriller The Perfect Guy. Directed by David M. Rosenthal, Sanaa evolves as ‘Leah’, the beautiful and successful executive who has everything except a commitment of marriage from her fit and fine longtime beau Dave (Morris Chestnut). Refusing to put her life on hold, Leah decides to reenter the dating scene and fate would have her to intersect with Carter (Michael Ealy) an undeniably sexy man whose suave and debonair demeanor captivates her heart.

The charmingly deceptive blue-eyed gentleman eases his in way into her psyche prompting several dinners, romantic getaways and steamy sex-capades that ignite an insatiable passion and lust within him. From the looks of things, ‘Carter’ is ‘The Perfect Guy’, but soon snaps when he’s no longer able to mask his obsessively violent, controlling and infuriating moods. His sociopathic lifestyle triggers from zero to 60 and he becomes relentless in his pursuit while stopping at nothing to have ‘Leah’ all to himself. Becoming a demonic mastermind, ‘Carter’ begins destroying everything in his path—even if this means ‘Leah.’ In one of her most poignant roles ever, Sanaa is forced to become her own hero and transitions from lover to fighter. Will she make it out alive?

She briefly chatted things up with SHEEN MAGAZINE about her experience working with Michael Ealy and being able to watch her own movies. Here’s what she had to say.

Congratulations on The Perfect Guy. This movie is getting lots of buzz. Talk about working with Michael Ealy.
It’s been an amazing journey. This project came about four years ago and it started from an idea that we were able to develop together and here we are. It’s great working with an actor who is so committed to his craft. The fact that he chose this kind of role; because he didn’t have to since he’s such a heartthrob. I have so much respect for him in that he loves the craft so much that he keeps growing professionally. He’s just a great guy and he’s so down to earth. He wants everyone to win which is kind of rare. It’s been a good journey with him.

Both of your roles in The Perfect Guy are unconventional with some pretty intense moments. Did this role ever remind you of Out Of Time?
No not really. It’s only similar in that it’s a thriller. There are elements in every movie that I’ve done where there is romance and heartbreak. In this role, there is this woman who’s having to fear and then having to become a fighter and warrior. I was not thinking Out Of Time in any way. I approached it as specifically ‘Leah’’s journey—and what a dream role this is for an actress.

There were some very steamy scenes. Talk about being able to pull that kind of intensity off and make it believable to the viewers.
Love scenes can be very awkward, but it’s great when you have someone who gets it and who you can trust. I hope that we pulled it off. I wanted it to be more because you never get to really see black actors do this on the screen. The good thing about it is that it will reach more people. I am happy about that.

Is there ever any hesitancy to carry out such sexy roles with actors who are married?
No. It’s a job. You can be on that set and see how unsexy it really is. It is such a job. The wives get it. They know. They’re happy that their husbands are heartthrobs. (Laughing)

You talk about not being able to watch yourself on the screen. Was this movie any different for you?
Well, I watched it and it was still hard. I am like everyone in that we are all very critical of ourselves. Three dimensionally you’re acting and you just have to kind of let it go. So I watched it once and I probably won’t be watching it again anytime soon. I am really proud of the movie and there was actually one moment where I screamed out loud because I didn’t really know where the story was going and that means I got lost in it. I am really happy about that and this entire film.

The Perfect Guy opens in theaters worldwide Friday, September 11, 2015. Join the relationship conversations with the entire cast on Twitter @justsanaa @MichaelEaly @Morris_ChestnutConnect using #ThePerfectGuy.


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