Influencer, fashion stylist, and executive producer are just a few titles Natalie Manuel Lee has under her belt. The woman of many hats has just become a co-executive producer of Hillsong Channel’s NEW series titled, Now with Natalie. The new show will cover topics dealing with entertainment, sports, and fashion with high profile figures such as Kelly Rowland, Hailey Baldwin-Beiber, and many more! In this exclusive inter view Natalie, the fashionista opens up about what we can expect to see on the series’ first season and also shares what she believes will be trending this upcoming spring season.

Congratulations on your new series, “Now with Natalie.” Do you mind sharing your purpose and theme for your show?

Thank you! The purpose of this show is to nullify, dismantle and pull back the veil to counterfeits of identity and purpose currently being sold and consumed through popular culture. The counterfeit is what we do, what we consume, what relationships we have, how much money we have, and let that define who we are. That is an absolute lie. Our worth and value are not in things or our job title. This program breaks down these false narratives. As a generation, we tend to focus on these “ things” and “accolades” so much that we miss the actual reason why we are here. The program peels back the facade that fame and success equate to happiness, but that being your authentic self is key to achieving a sense of purpose and that happiness. The program helps us to discover what it looks like to truly live out your purpose and true identity. Our worth and value are not in things or our job title. Our worth and value are in who we are and what God says we are. Accepted, redeemed, more than enough, free from condemnation, and chosen.

Can you give us any insight into any of the guests that will be featured on your show?

Yes, Hailey Bieber, Tyson Chandler, Kelly Rowland, Jerry Lorenzo, Elaine Welteroth and Angela Manuel Davis are all a part of this six episodic docuseries. They touch on all things, identity, purpose, depression, the compare and compete for epidemic, fame, and the discovery of why they are really here.

What has this experience been like for you?

It has been an absolutely humbling experience for me. I am honored that my friends would be willing to be so transparent with their journey which in turn will help so many people. I have learned so many things along the way. I have gained more revelations about our IDENTITY and PURPOSE and what it really is on this experience.

You have worked in fashion. What is it about fashion that you love so much?

You are NEVER WRONG in fashion. There is never a right or wrong way to make or style a piece of clothing.  It is a creative outlet for me. Putting things together and seeing the final product. Fashion is a revolving door… one day something is HOT and the next it’s not. It keeps me on my toes.

What do you predict will be a fashion trend in Spring 2019?

High Socks, tracksuits, neon colors, and SUITS, SUITS, AND MORE SUITS

What else can we expect to see from Natalie Manuel Lee in the future?

You can expect to see MORE episodes and seasons of “Now with Natalie.”

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All Images: Courtesy of Hillsong | provided by Rogers & Cowan