Vanessa Gant, also known as “The Money Architect” has nearly 17 years of experience in the Accounting industry. Vanessa Gant is an Accountant & Tax Strategist that specializes in the Transportation and Logistics industry and small businesses. Gant’s accounting firm, Provision Accounting Solutions located in Summerville, SC creates the financial structure for small business owners, mid-size trucking companies, and seven-figure earning truck fleet owners and operator companies.

Can you tell everyone who Vanessa Gant is?

I, Vanessa Gant, am many things. Above all, I am a mother and wife, but I am also a successful business owner. I live and breathe all things numbers, and that’s why I am sometimes referred to as “The Money Architect.” I had ventured into the transportation and logistics industry early on in my career in accounting and quickly developed a passion for the trucking industry and helping small businesses grow. Outside of work, I also enjoy traveling, eating great food, and lounging on the couch watching Netflix with my husband and children to destress after running my business during the day.  Some would even say I am the chill queen because of my love for leisure time.

You’re best known as, “The Money Architect.” Can you tell us how this came about?

The Money Architect was originally created to assist women in designing and creating a plan to help with their finances while learning to be financially literate. As my career goals took a different direction, The Money Architect took one too. I pivoted to focusing on businesses: Helping businesses design and create a plan to create a solid financial foundation that can help lead to increased business profits, scaling, overall growth, and making sure they pay the least amount of taxes legally.

Can you tell us more about your company, Provision Accounting Solutions?

Provision Accounting Solutions is an accounting firm located in Summerville, SC. We provide bookkeeping, accounting, individual and business tax preparation, and strategic planning to help businesses grow.

What led you to specialize in working with small business owners, mid-size trucking companies, and seven-figure earning truck fleet owners and operator companies specifically?

The decision to work with this specific niche resulted from my corporate career. For 17 years, I was employed by a small mega carrier that allowed me to apply my accounting skills and learn about the industry beyond the accounting office. When I left corporate, it was a light bulb moment that I knew my passion was in the trucking industry, and  I didn’t need to create a “business.” I saw it as a transition from doing what I had already loved in a corporate setting; to starting my own company.

You are very big on mentorship. How has mentoring women to understand financial literacy helped them to grow their businesses? Why is this important to understand?

I absolutely love and enjoy mentoring women in financial literacy. For so long, we as women have been held to this narrative that we should take the backseat when it comes to finances. In reality, women are usually the brainpower behind so many businesses, and now we have the opportunity to step into the forefront and dominate the space as successful business owners. Helping women understand their personal and business finances is powerful and allows them to make and implement sound financial decisions that are proven to make them successful in all areas of their life.

What are some tips for Women-Owned businesses in filing their taxes?

Always be organized and keep a clear paper trail of your expenses and profits. Educate yourself on the filing requirements for your business entity type and the credits and deductions available for your specific business industry.

Can you share some steps to creating a financial roadmap for your business and what is a financial roadmap?

A financial roadmap is a picture of your business’s financial future and potential success. It’s necessary to help you strategize and prioritize your goals and how you will get to them. The roadmap provides a visual for you and your team so that everyone knows the goals you’d like to reach for the company and how to achieve them.

  • Set Goals
  • Research – How to obtain these goals, who do I need to assist me, what will be the result
  • Prioritize – Decide what needs to be done and when
  • Add timeframes for expansion
  • Create budgets for each project
  • Have an accountant on staff to assist you

Being self-employed makes family trips difficult at times. What are some tips for planning your spring break vacation for your family while being self-employed?

When possible, plan far in advance. When the school calendar is released, I take note of the spring break dates and automatically block that time off on my business calendar. Work-life balance can sometimes be a struggle, but it is necessary. My family also understands that I may need a few hours to check in with the business and that they don’t give me grief about this. I usually get up a few hours before them and do any work that I need to do so that when they awaken, we can all enjoy our family time on our vacations.

What are the advantages of adding your children to your payroll?

There are a few benefits to hiring your kids, such as you can deduct their salary as a business expense to lower tax liability. Additionally, children don’t have to pay taxes on the first $12.500 paid to them. With that money, you can help your child start their retirement or savings account at a young age.

Why is it important to charge your worth and add tax?

We must remember that we aren’t being paid only for our talent and ability. We provide our clients with a shortcut because they decided to come to us, experts in our fields. In return, we save them time, reducing their trial-and-error stages and allowing them to get a quicker return on their investment. You should be paid for your impact, not just the length of time you take to complete the job. Remember that you’ve already put in all the years so that they can take the “shortcut” but hiring you, the expert. Charge your worth and add tax!

What would you like our readers to gain from this interview?

Your business success depends on your foundation. Create a business plan and financial roadmap for your business. Understand your structure and the requirements for it. Hire someone to do what’s not in your genius zone. Treat your business like a business and watch the profits and success roll in.

How can people connect with you and learn more about your tips and tax company?

IG: iamthemoneyarchitect –

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