She’s sweet, bubbly, everything we could’ve imagined and more. We got to know this beautiful, curly sensation and we could not help but adore this influencer! In this exclusive interview with Sheen, Sayria dishes on just who Sayria Jade is and what life is like past YouTube.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Sayria Jade. A lot of times, many people have a hard time pronouncing my first name, but to make it easier, it’s like Maria but with an S. I’m 23 years-old from Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m a content creator, I love posting videos on my channel about curly hair, beauty, lifestyle, and all that good stuff.

What is it like being a YouTube personality to you? Is it challenging or would you say everything runs smoothly?

To me, being a YouTuber, it sounds weird to say that (laughs) but I love it, I honestly do because it’s flexible. I’m in control of my day for the most part. It can be both challenging and smooth. It’s challenging because you’re constantly working and there’s always something to do. If you get used to the pace and take a deep breath, (laughs) it can run smoothly.

What is your holy grail hair care product? Why?

Honestly, I think any curly girl can probably relate to constantly changing your routine and trying new products so, I wouldn’t say that I have a holy grail. At the moment though, I really have been loving a line by Kevin Murphy. They have this shampoo and conditioner called, Hydrate Me; that’s been my favorite.

What made you want to start up your YouTube channel?

I used to always watch YouTubers such as MyLifeAsEva, thosegirlsarewild, ||Superwoman|| I always thought that it would be so much fun to post videos on YouTube. That was while I was in high school and I thought it would be fun to do but never really had the confidence. For years. I talked about it but it wasn’t until three or four years after I graduated high school when my friends convinced me to just start a channel. People would always ask me about my hair too and I went through a transformation of straightening my hair and trying to get my curls back healthy. I wanted to help people do that. Growing up, my mom didn’t know how to do my hair at all (laughs) and I know that there’s a lot of moms out there that may not know how to style curly hair. I just wanted to help people and empower women with their curls.

Do you mind sharing the goals you set for yourself when you started your channel? Do you believe that you have achieved them?

I guess my main goal when I started was to just help the girls with the curls in need (laughs) I wanted to make people feel empowered with their hair. It was important for me to help girls love their curls. I think that I’ve accomplished that… (laughs) I hope I have (laughs)

Who is Sayria? What is life like past YouTube?

So, I’m kind of boring honestly. (laughs) I’m a homebody. I like to read books, I could read all day. I like meditating, yoga, hikes, I like to get outdoors, get with nature and find myself.

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