First Lady LaShawn Thompson of World Overcomers Church is a courageous change agent who’s taking her ministry of empowering women to the next level. Not only is she a first lady, she is the founder of a phenomenal movement called Next Level Woman and her annual women’s conference Fearless and Free has inspired so many women in her community and abroad. It’s more than a conference, it’s a movement that is empowering women of all ages to be diligent in their faith, pursue their dreams, and to support one another. Next Level Woman is the women’s ministry that hosts the conference each year, promotes community service, and encourages physical & spiritual health.

I had the opportunity to speak with this amazingly beautiful woman of God who’s making an impact wherever she goes.

How did the “Fearless and Free” conference come together?

It started with just having a conversation with different ladies I know and from there the conference was born. My vision for the conference was to have an event where women could come together, release their fears, and become empowered to be fearless.

Besides the conference, what other events are held by Next Level Woman ministry?

We do so many things together whether it’s a fitness night, Girls Night Out, or discussion panels. It’s always an empowering time and I think it’s important as Christian women that we fellowship together.

What is the personal definition of being Fearless & Free of the Next Level Women’s Ministry?

Fearless and Free is a movement of women who rest in being made complete in God’s love and place little confidence in the strive for perfection.

When we see God, we experience a being whose love for us is perfect, erasing all of our fears. The fearless and free woman is comfortable in her own skin and courageous enough to be herself. For her, love is an action.

She is Beautiful. She is Brave. She is Fearless. She is Free! – Next Level Women’s Ministry

Recently, First Lady Thompson traveled to Kenya for a mission trip with a program called Projects of Hope. They were able to distribute 2,827 sanitary napkins, 1,292 pencils, 562 toothbrushes, 151 nail clippers for boys, and 5 mounted pencil sharpeners according to the World Overcomers website. A amazing donation of service and inspiration for the natives of Kenya.

The members of World Overcomers Church that traveled with her had an insightful discussion panel during one of the worship services. Below you will find the video.

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