Spring is just around the corner meaning it’s crunch time to get your crunch time in! For my natural sisters who are rocking a pressed style this can mean trouble for those beautiful kinky edges. When hard work starts equalling a hard sweat, your style can go from pressed to poof. So for you, I’ve compiled 5 styles that’ll not only have you looking fly as you get fit, but protect your hair as well. With these, I’ve paired workouts that will get the sweat flowing.


Bikram Yoga AKA Hot Yoga- Is done in a yoga studio but with the heat cranked up to around 106°.

Box Braids


Keri Hilson

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Sprints- Are a run that you do at your fastest speed for short bursts of either time, (like 30 seconds) or distance (like 100 meters).

Flat Twists

Jill Scott

Jill Scott


Jump Rope-Remember this childhood gem from time spent on neighborhood playgrounds, streets, or Grandma’s backyard? It also makes a great workout!

2 Strand Twists

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Swimming-While you won’t exactly notice the sweat with this one, you’re sure to feel the work. Swimming is an excellent full body workout!

Corn Rows



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Running stairs-Typically done on stadium stairs, this is an intense full body workout that will get that backside popping!

Wrapped Braid



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Do these exercises, protect your hair while you’re doing it, and you’ll be Fit and Fab sooner than you think!

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