Change is afoot. I think we can all feel that there’s a huge shift just on the horizon of our experience here in America. Not only can we feel it, but see it. With so many videos of the police murdering black men in cold blood, alleged reports of snipers killing cops, protests, and Donald Trump of all people (who’s wife apparently doesn’t know the difference between writing her own speech and stealing someone else’s) looking like he will be in The White House soon, there’s no question that this change will not be an easy one. This is why it’s important that you stay as fit in mind as well as in body, as possible.

My first tip for staying mentally fit is to drink alkaline water. The body is supposed to naturally alkaline itself, but because of our horribly unnatural diets, and drinking fluoridated water, our bodies are out of balance. Contrary to what the government will tell you, fluoride does nothing for tooth health, but it has been linked to mental illness, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and a host of other illnesses. The main drawback of drinking fluoride, otherwise known as poison, being that it calcifies your pineal gland. Your pineal gland is your third eye. Think about that for a moment.

My next tip is to drink apple cider vinegar everyday. Just a shot per day followed by 16 ounces of alkaline water will replenish your healthy gut bacteria, reduce insulin spikes in the body, starve off heart disease, help you lose weight, flush out your liver and kidneys and a whole host of other amazing things. You cannot have the mental acuity it’s going to take to survive a White House with a Trump or a Clinton in it if you’re sick with life threatening illnesses.

Lastly, say no to GMO. I repeat, say no to GMO. Ok, the main argument I hear for proponents of GMOs is that it’s cheap. To me that argument is akin to republicans who say global warming is a myth. Besides all the scientific data in support of global warming, are you really willing to take the chance just to save a few bucks? There are no long-term research studies conducted to see what the long term effects of eating this genetically modified food is. When your baby has to grow up with an extra ear on its nose are you going to say, “mommy was just trying to save a few bucks.” The other argument I hear in support of GMOs is that the government wouldn’t support something that’s bad for us. If this is you, please refer to paragraph two of this article where I state that the government has poisoned your water supply.

Stay Fit For Change.



Featured Image: Shutterstock