Lights…Camera…Brandon Lee? Yes family it’s true, Film Executive and Producer Brandon Lee has sat down with Sheen. Let’s not forget Real Estate entrepreneur and Financial Coach just to name a few other hats he wears. It’s easy to see that he loves fitness and working within his community as well. A man with high energy who is passionate about his work and a smooth conversationalist eager to share what he knows.

“Quik Money” is not only one of Tubi’s number 1 streams, but it was also nominated Best Film Award finalist. Don Brumfield was nominated Best Lead Actor, Crystal the Doll was nominated Best Supporting Actress, Ciera Angelia was nominated Best Lead Actress, and Ron Elliot was nominated Best Director. Listening to his gratitude for all of the hard work, time, and energy everyone contributed to the film was delightful. He is looking forward to attending the Detroit and Miami Film Festivals this year and Atlanta is on his calendar for next year. I’m excited to share what I learned about his journey thus far.

As an Executive Producer with a number 1 film that’s accomplished as much as it has, who would you say is an actor you would like to work with? 

Clifton Powell is someone I’ve been trying to work with, but the timing has been off. We’ve spoken a few times but when we try to get together something else is going on but I would say he’s someone I would love to work with in the future. 

Who would be a dream director to film with?

Man, their are a few people I would love to work with; Ice Cube, Tyler Perry, Issa Rae, Carl Payne is doing his thing; he’s someone I’d like to work with and Master P. To be able to learn the game from Tyler and Master P would be everything you know? I’m humble enough to do that I have no arrogance; I love learning.

Where did you get the idea for Rich off Real Estate? 

 I come from a family of business men. A lot of my Real Estate knowledge came from my cousin Denotee Martin who was more like an uncle or father figure to me. He was a general contractor whose built airports to car plants and as a teenager he’d give me jobs in the summer working on the construction sites. Every week when he’d come to pay us, he would often bring food and drinks to the employees. They would be so excited about it, but I would sit back thinking to myself when I grow up I’d be the one pulling up with the food and checks for my employees. He knew I was different and I did too back then. He’s retired but is still around giving me advice when I need it. It seems like every new level I reach he’s there with wisdom for that stage of my life. 

I went to Real Estate school in 2001 but I didn’t like working as an agent. I learned that I was more into building homes, flipping homes, wholesale, you know more of the landlord side. In 2015 I had a client that wanted to start coaching with me; I gave them a price and I literally wrote the book over a weekend. From their it evolved into a course, some seminars, you know things of that nature and I think it’s why I’m so hands on. I started as a personal trainer and it’s that same type of group setting or one on one energy. 

Some people have the gift to do it but can’t teach you. For me that’s actually one of my skill sets; breaking it down for a third grader to understand it. It’s the way my mentor taught me, but for me I’m not a good teacher if I can’t break it down to that level of understanding.To prove that I could do it I went to a third grade class for career day to give back and to see if they could understand what I teach and the answer is yes. It’s also a part of the legacy I’m building to pass down to my daughter, Brandis Lee who’s studying her CPA, following her fathers’ foot steps.

How do you work with clients to improve their credit?

 I learned this from the mortgage side of the business fixing and buying homes. I have an MBA in Finance and learned a few things on the credit side from Will Roundtree and Darvin Moore. Don Adams is my second mentor in Real Estate. Don is like a little older version of me; he’s a real sharp dresser who went from hustling in the streets of Detroit to Real Estate. When he realized he could make the same kind of money in this business without looking over his shoulders everyday he made the change.

I learned a lot of creative finance techniques that I use today such as wholesaling and subject to which is the process of taking over someones mortgage. We still work on projects together and he’s been a great hands on mentor for 15 years. Early on Don taught me a lot of things like what cars to invest in, what watches to wear and how to move in different arenas. What I’ve learned from him helped me show others how to stop a foreclosure, fix their credit and purchase another home. Real Estate is a skill I’ve transferred into other businesses. Credit is pretty much the foundation of everything we do as far as business and Real Estate. 

When I work with a client I make sure we start working on the credit profile and while we’re going through the coaching process we can always look back on the progress. Brandon Lee Financial does credit repair, business financing, one on one coaching which makes credit a piece of it. We also help you get loans to grow the business, buy the business, we help you purchase properties, so it’s all together. When I created the business I didn’t want my clients to have to go one place for credit and another place for loans so I put everything under one house.

We can see that you take very good care of yourself and your workout regimen is serious. Tell us where your passion for working out came from?

 It started with Bally fitness. I worked with the company around 2007 or 2008; I was one of their top sales representatives in the country. I stopped working for them to pursue my own business. This is where I started to lose track of my health. I was dating an actress who worked out which got me back into the gym. My dad being diagnosed with cancer helped me make the decision as well. I got married things didn’t workout the way we wanted so we filed for a divorce. 

I started working out again with my trainer Marcel and got very serious. I joined the gym 9 Round Boxing. I ran 3 miles a day on top of my other workouts. I’ve ran a 5K Marathon nonstop and won a trophy which felt really good and I started doing Bodybuilding. When we were doing the movie Quik Money I meet Don and really got into it. I’m being trained by Marcel and Don for my first show on July 22 of this year. 

With his new fit physique and found confidence Mr. Lee is trying styles he never would have before. If you follow him on social media, you will see that his stylist Troy Clinton, keeps him dappered in beautiful colors. “Being styled by Troy has changed my outlook on fashion” ,said Lee.

What ways do you give back to the community?

Teaching Finance, giving knowledge and wisdom everyday. I show people everything, even the things I shouldn’t show I allow them to see. Funny story, I was doing a Real Estate deal with someone who was using one of my old contracts. He was reading the script word for word but what made it funny to me is I knew everything he was going to say before he said it. Because I knew, I gave a response he wasn’t expecting to see how he would respond. We closed the deal everything went well but it felt good to know that something I created was still being used to help someone. Teaching 20 clients in a small group over bigger groups is another way I give back because I prefer the intimate setting; it allows me to be more hands on to answer any questions my students may have and to help with what they need. 

We would also like to congratulate Mr. Lee on his Best Screenplay Award from the Black Indiestream Film Festival. You can also find him on Facebook: Brandon Lee, Instagram: brandon_thebrand_lee and on TikTok: at brandonleemba
Photo Credits: Courtesy Of Brandon Lee’s stylist Troy Clinton and photographer Nathan Pearcy