It’s no secret that first impressions are everything, but what many fail to realize is that the first impression is often never created at the first introduction, but rather at first flirt!

Flirting initiates and confirms interest, ignites the spark to converse and is a sustainer of dialogue. The right flirting technique will not only attract the person you desire, but it will make you irresistible!

Here are 6 ways to stand out and command the attention of the one you want:

  1. There’s No Fear in Flirting

We’ve all had that paralyzing moment when we see someone we’re attracted to, but go back in forth in our mind about approaching them because we fear the thought of rejection.

Flirting is all about taking risks! The possibility of love arises from the courage to take a chance! So, instead of questioning whether or not to say hello, take a breath, and be playful…be casual, and introduce yourself! Your opportunity for success has already increased!

  1. Smile and Glance

Smiling draws people in and increases your approachability. It’s a necessary component of flirting that reduces the situational anxiety, increases your confidence and results in a reciprocal reaction from the other party!

Pair a smile that’s natural and genuine with good eye contact. Glance directly into their eyes for two to four seconds, smile and then look away. Do this several times to confirm your interest; it’ll definitely grab their attention.

  1. Touch

Appropriate physical touch is always a great way to engage flirtatiously with someone of interest. Ladies, if he says something funny, lean in, laugh and gently rub your fingers against the back of his hand. Fellas, when approaching her, it’s ok to softly shake her hand with your right and cup the back of her hand with your left. Doing this makes both parties feel good! But before you touch, make sure that there are clear signs of permission such as the person of interest moving closer in proximity to you.

  1. Conversation Piece

One of the best ways to get someone to notice you and spark a conversation is by having a unique prop or conversation piece! If you want to stand out from the crowd and put little effort in being an approachable magnet, always have something to drive someone’s interest. Now, this may mean borrowing your friend’s dog for your daily walk in the park or picking up a trendy book to read during your commute home.

Once you establish a shared interest with another person they’ll want to get to know you more to see what else you have in common. Know that your prop doesn’t always have to be something physical. Your scent is a huge attention grabber and speaks to your personality, so make sure you always smell good!

  1. Make It All About Them

There’s nothing more attractive than a person making you feel special and important. During the first encounter, share less and listen more! Active listening is a sure win in the flirting arena! Without speaking, you’re sending a message that that very moment is all about them…that you’re completely in tune with them, and while in that space a bond is created! You’ve now connected with your interest in such a way that they’ll want to continue being around you by you simply being a good listener!

  1. Compliment and Ask Questions

Knowing what questions to ask can be tricky sometimes! Finding the balance between questions that can be too personal and those that only require a one-word response is tough! So, I suggest you lead with a genuine compliment and let your questions stem from your compliment. For example, say that Samantha is wearing an antique bracelet; you can compliment her by saying, “Wow, what a classy piece you’re wearing!” Then follow up with a question like “Is there a story as beautiful as you behind it?

Flirting is an art and the first step to you making a lasting impression!

Be confident in your approach, have fun and set a relaxed tone for genuine exchange. Remember flirt impressions trump first impressions, so make it count!