I recently got a very interesting notion that I had to follow up on regarding food, heritage, and how these things affect us today. I wanted to know if human beings are capable of sustaining the highly processed, overly industrialized diet of today. If food is medicine as they say, and we live in an overly fed society, why then is there so much illness? And could genetics play a part? I spent a few days doing research and found the below passage that pretty much sums up my findings.

According to,

  • If you are from the Middle East you will have the best adaptation to wheat – But remember that the wheat we have today is a 50-year-old modern strain with an exceptionally high gluten content. It is not the old wheat. You will also lose your adaptation in middle age


  • If you are from Northern Europe, you will have the best tolerance for dairy. But again, if you live in the US where growth hormone in cows is permitted, you are not drinking even your parent’s milk. You also will lose this tolerance in middle age.


  • If you are from Northern China, you will have a good tolerance to wheat with all the provisos. If you are from Southern China and Asia, you will have a strong tolerance for rice. Again as you age and if you select very processed rice, you will lose this.


  • If you are from Asia and Southern Africa and America, you will have a low tolerance for all dairy.


  • If you are from a recent Hunter Gatherer heritage, Inuit – First Nations – you will have no tolerance for Agriculture.


  • None of us have any tolerance for highly processed industrial food.

We all know that if you feed an animal something that it’s not supposed to eat it will get sick, and maybe even die. Why don’t we apply the same principle to our own diets? My only point is, be mindful of what you do to the only body you will ever have. I encourage you to dig a little deeper, find what works for your body, and start on a path of wellness.