Just Brittany is an intelligent, talented, and inspiring artist with a story to tell. The Houston, Texas native grew up surrounded by different inspirations that sparked her passion for the music industry. From her mother, who sang in the choir with Yolanda Adams, to her godmother, who let young Brittany go into the studio, these two women played a big role in her life. As she grew older, Just Brittany’s passion became her drive for life.

“That’s my plan A-Z. I love seeing the reactions, and knowing that I’m not the only person going through it,” said Just Brittany, “ I’m inspired by my listeners.”

Just Brittany’s latest album, Stripped, allows readers to see ‘the real side of Brittany’ by focusing on real experiences, such as, love, hurt, and discovering oneself. This project tells a story for all listeners to relate to, and is an open letter to connect with fans on a more personable level.

Just Brittany-album

“I believe this is better than any project I [have] put out,” said Just Brittany, “My favorite song would have to be “Momma Should’ve Told Me” featuring Zero. It lets listeners follow me through my journey, from being a dancer to now, and how I could of done things differently.”

Aside from sharing her experiences through music, the young artist also reaches out to young women in the community as a mentor. By telling her story, Just Brittany has set the goal to make a difference in others lives to lead them down better paths. With a guide from past experiences Just Brittany serves as a positive impact to those around her. She has partnered with different foundations, such as, The Glass Slipper Foundation to speak with young women ages 13 to 19 and take the time to listen to their stories.

“Sometimes you need to talk to someone outside of your personal circle.”

“Always believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and keep your circle small. Always surround yourself around those who push you harder than you push yourself.”

                  -Just Brittany

Stripped is now available on iTunes and Tidal! Check it out today, and follow Just Brittany on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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