Last Thursday, the 300-pound vegan also known as Davis H. Carter visited the legendary Richard Beavers Gallery for its monthly event called “Conversations in the Gallery” in conjunction with micro news site, BK Reader.

The former overweight NFL player told a story of his transition to veganism, which eliminated once persistent medical issues such as high blood pressure. He explained that the Black community is plagued by lack of access to healthy food options, and often our food traditions are the result of our slave ancestry where Blacks were forced to make leftover body parts such as pig feet, intestines, etc. into ingestible, pleasing meals threw excessive salt use which causes many avoidable health conditions. This very food that evolved out of slavery and oppression is now called “Soul Food.” The audience left with a renewed sense of self and many decided to commence the vegan journey based on Carter’s passionate testimony which has built a following of over 200,000 on Instagram.

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