If you didn’t know about this successful female owner and her hair line, you’re about to be stunned. Samantha Woodside is the ultimate girl boss! Thanks to her, many are able to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. With her luxurious, top quality hair line, Savon Luxe has become everyone’s go to, including artist, Remy Ma! In this exclusive interview with Sheen Magazine, Samantha Woodside discusses her best-selling extensions and her journey to success.

Tell us about yourself; what inspired you to create your hair company.
Well, my name is Samantha Savon, I’m 26-years-old. I decided to start my hairline because back when I was in college, I was kind of a beauty blogger. I started off focusing on the hair aspect. When I started, I was a natural hair blogger but I used hair extensions to grow out my real hair. During the whole process, I was always working with other companies and kind of promoting their brands. I then began to realize that I wanted something on my own. I researched, tested different hair qualities until I found something that I was really in love with.

I started working with website developers to get a feel for what I wanted and my first sight was… (laughs) horrible, now that I look back. With my revamp, I was finally able to create something that I really loved. I wanted something that was really high end because a lot of African American beauty brands, unfortunately, get to get to that luxury space. That’s something that I really wanted to try to hone in on and teach myself. That’s been the goal that I’ve been working towards and it’s still very much a work in progress.

Can you share with us your journey? Is there anything you struggled with or learned about yourself while building your empire?
Yes. Yes. Yes. I started while I was in college but when I came out of college, I had a sick parent. I became my father’s full-time caretaker so I was unable to really work a full-time job. Although I started in college, I came out being able to be self-employed and work my business while being able to take care of my father. It gave me the freedom that I needed to do what I needed to do in order to take care of my responsibilities.

That’s when I really began to love entrepreneurship. I really enjoyed being my own boss. I showed me how dedicated I was.

When I first went to college, I thought I was going to school to be a medical doctor. I studied pre-med but all while studying it, I began to love beauty. That journey led me to this. Going on four years later, I still, fortunately, have it, which I am super thankful for!

It’s been a learning experience every day and I’m still learning. This has allowed me to hone into my own dedication.

Call you tell us about your best-selling products?
My best-selling product would definitely have to be my Luxe label collection, Straight Bliss Texture. It’s a silky texture that is super sleek overall but slightly wavy! I’ve had extensions that have lasted almost five years now and they’re still good! They are the quality of your own amazing hair but they’re low maintenance like a weave. You can just get up and go with it. If you want to curl it, the curls will last for days, you can do braid outs with it, it’s just very versatile. That is definitely my best-selling extension!

Did you always know that this would be the path you would take in life as a successful female owner?
Not the slightest clue! I come from a family of working professionals. My mother is an attorney; I have members in my family that are medical doctors, chemists, etc. For me, I have more a creative side to me. I tried to force myself into doing the thing as my family but like I said, I just was not passionate about it. My passion drove me to blog, which drove me to entrepreneurship. I had no idea at all.

What can we expect to see from you and Savon Luxe in the future?

For Savon Luxe, I definitely want to keep expanding. I want to add more texture so that I am able to cater to more women. I would love a glow glam bar or a beauty bar. I would definitely love to work with more celebrities. I’ve had the privilege to work with Remy Ma so I would love to do more product placement and brand ambassadorships with them to expand and show off the luxury brand of my product. I just want to continue to grow and hopefully, I’ll be able to continue to empower women by making them feel beautiful

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