Teneshia Forts is a Boss. When life threw her lemons, instead of folding, she decided to make lemonade with a serving of lemon meringue pie on the side.

Some of those lemons handed to Forts were a failing marriage, 2 children to feed at a young age, financial insecurity, which landed her bankrupted and an overarching feeling of brokenness.

“My marriage was crumbling, I worked long hours as a stylist to barely have enough money to provide for my children, and with no other options, I was forced to file bankruptcy. I lost it all.”

Luckily for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, it was these upheavals that became the ingredients the serial entrepreneur mixed together to create her company ‘Boss’ —a company providing a series of workshops with innovative strategies to grow brands and triple incomes.

‘Boss’ also include inaugural workshops Boss Your Business, Boss Your Salon and Boss Your Chair, launching Sept., 25 and Oct. 23 respectively.


These courses are all a culmination of her more than a decade worth of knowledge and success of business, which stemmed from her success as hairstylist and salon owner. Without exposing all her secrets, The ENVE salon stylist and owner explains her courses streamline the process for anyone at any stage of the business process, providing tricks of the trade, practical skills and financial advice to reach their fullest potential.

“My classes are going to be a tell-all class. First let’s find out why you should do this business. Is it a good idea? Are you trying to grow? My classes are to support and help your business,” Fort explained.

A constant theme that serves as the oil fueling Fort’s multiple enterprises are a combination of her mental strength, strong work ethic and what she calls, ‘God principles’.

“I still keep God in the center of my strategy. I have faith and I trust God. “You can make money in any area it’s just a mindset.”

Fort stresses that although the road to success is paved with blood, sweat and sometimes tears; it’s all worth it in the end to be able to provide a legacy and comfortable lifestyle for her children.

I would like to leave a positive successful and prosperous business for my children. I wanted to give them a different kind of lifestyle.”

For those who are willing to join her and choose the journey less traveled, she has included three tips

Provide Quality Customer Service
“Your Customers run your business.”

Be Remarkable
“I’m looking for people who want to be great.”

Believe in Yourself and Your Business
“What you believe is what you obtain.”

For more information and upcoming projects visit, and follow on Facebook and Instagram @bossyourbusiness.