Chrystale Wilson is an actress, producer, and author; but remembered most for her role in Player’s Club as the fiery villain “Ronnie”. Since, that highlight in her career life took many unexpected turns, which ultimately altered her plan for herself. The bumps in the road may have changed the route for Chrystale, but it didn’t stop it. Chrystale is back, currently airing her story on Centric TV’s new docu-series From The Bottom Up.

  1. After 20 years, why come back now?

It’s not the path that I chose; it’s the path that chose me. I was probably one of the first who was supposed to do a reality series, [and] I was like no “I’m a real actress.” I’m a thespian, not realizing I wouldn’t be doing anything if I didn’t take that chance 11 years ago. I have been approached more recently to do shows, but they weren’t a fit for me. Just trusting the brand that Nicci Gilbert put together and knowing what she did with R&B Divas and her intentions with that show, we connected. Nicci wanted to bring me on as a mentor because she said I was positive and non-judgmental. I wanted to come on as someone who still needed a friend and I wanted to get my life back on track. All people saw was what happened after Player’s Club.

  1. What’s the real deal with you and Lisa Raye? How was it working with her?

We were both so very young at that time. We’re in a business where we are each other’s competition. When you’re younger, you can be catty or a mean girl. I wasn’t used to that. I’m more laid-back. She wasn’t as embracing or someone that I would really deal with at that time. I saw her recently at a premiere for Skinned. Jasmine Burke, one of my favorite actresses, is the star of that film. I’m very proud of Lisa Raye because I know how tough it is to stay in this business and not get beat down. I hoped for a real friendship, but we were both trying to accomplish a common goal and we went about it differently.

  1. Are there any current projects you’re working on?

Second Book- My Poetic Palette to be released early spring. I have so many films in the pipeline; I’m a partner on The True Story of Black Wall Street. The city was destroyed and that was our wealthy place [and] a lot of people don’t know the true story. I’m working on that diligently. I’m [also] working on a pilot Two Famous; it’s [about] a set of twins who are entertainers

  1. What do you want people to take away from From the Bottom Up?

            I want women especially to get better about communicating and opening up to each other. I hope that can be accomplished with this show. I was doing an interview the other day, [and] the interviewer asked, “how do you feel about reality TV?” TV is another avenue for people to put themselves out there and to be seen. I think people need to get over that, if not change the channel. “I ain’t mad.” I thought me and Sara [Stokes] were going to be the divas, but honey Stacii Jae thinks she’s Queen Elizabeth – they walked all over us in red bottoms.

  1. Do you have any career advice for upcoming women trying to break into acting?

No I don’t have any advice, let me tell you why…it’s so many unconventional ways to do things. I don’t think there’s a formula. Career wise —- whatever it is, do your best with the resources that you have. As long as you’re doing that you will be okay. It’s about staying the course.

  1. What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

Girl one day you going to be 45, you better use what you got to get what you want!!!