The OWN network premiered their newest show, “Ladies Who List: Atlanta,” on January 7 to start 2022 with a new view of successful Black women in a male-dominated real estate industry. On December 14, the powerful cast of 6 amazing women held an official virtual press conference discussing their personal experiences on the show and being strong women within their industry. The cast consists of 6 women: two attorneys, two brokers, and two agents, their personal journeys, however, all achieving a successful career in the end. The ladies expressed having completely different experiences, from personal family views of joining the cast to ensuring that it would be a good business outcome for where they were currently in their careers to where they are looking to move next.

In Atlanta, a team of Black women is breaking up the “old boys club” of the luxury real estate game. Through a sophisticated portrayal of successful businesswomen, these real estate pros will help buyers find their dream homes, teach clients the importance of establishing generational wealth, and prove that homeownership is attainable for all. In addition, these aspirational ladies show the power of Black women as they simultaneously juggle booming careers and their personal lives. From fertility concerns to balancing marriage and motherhood to embracing therapy and finding new love, the ladies persevere against adversity – all while working to elevate themselves, their clients, and the city of Atlanta through big real estate wins.

“Ladies Who List: Atlanta” is produced by Love Productions USA. Executive producers are Al Edgington (“Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians”; “Amazing Race”), Joe LaBracio (“Last Chance U”), Richard McKerrow (“The Great British Bake Off”; “The Great Pottery Throw Down”), Thomas Jaeger, Monique Barrett, Calvin Singh, Vivian Payton, and Elise Duran.

This is a new series you truly would not want to miss tuning into, airing on the OWN network on January 7, 2022, at 7 pm EST.


QUIANA WATSON, Real Estate Broker

Quiana is one of Atlanta’s most visible and top-producing real estate professionals. Her flair for fashion and sales has made her a force in the real estate game. Her motto is: “You live every single day, but you only have one life to live. You better make it count.”

ROBIN ANDRADE, Real Estate Broker

Robin is an Atlanta real estate veteran, whose savvy and commitment to her clients leave an impression everywhere she goes. When she’s not conducting business, this single mother of two adult children defies time by keeping herself fit with a devout yoga practice.

CRISTYL KIMBROUGH, Real Estate Attorney

Cristyl is an adventurous and independent closing attorney. While others may portray a level of success through social media, she believes in doing the work. Whether she’s jumping off 20-foot cliffs on exotic islands or keeping her romantic options open, Cristyl prides herself on living life on her terms.

TIFFANI HAWES, Real Estate Attorney

Tiffani is a hard-working attorney, wife, and mom of three at the top of her profession. With a roster of clients including several A-listers, Tiffani’s commitment to building her business has paid off handsomely, but she is trying to find more of a work/life balance.

TIANA HARRISON, Real Estate Agent 

Tiana is one of Atlanta’s highest-grossing Black female luxury agents. Married to a former NFL player and a mother of two, Tiana has carefully crafted her professional and personal universe so that family comes first.

KIRA OLIVER, Real Estate Agent

Kira is an ambitious millennial, making her mark in Atlanta as a rising star in real estate. On the heels of losing her home to a fire, Kira has just started to rebuild her life. She’s determined to forge ahead, stopping at nothing to achieve her success.

Photo courtesy of OWN