“I empower women daily,  they leave my chair feeling as if they can take over the world.”
– Hair Stylist, Tai Davis

Last week, I had the immense pleasure of speaking with Tai Davis – the hairstylist who is known for her trendsetting vision and extraordinary skill. Whether it’s designing the perfect lace front wig to fit your personality or transforming your day in the salon seat, Davis has worked hard for the past sixteen years, as one of the most influential hairstylists in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Her humble spirit comes from experiencing a moment that changed her life forever. While everyone may find themselves going through a rough season in life, her story happens to be one that taught her to never place your dreams on hold because every moment here on this earth is a given gift.

In a split second your life can suddenly change. Tai Davis discovered that dreadful experience at her home.

You had a near death experience but survived it, tell me what happened?

I had my daughter in April of 2017 and I had went home to stay for a while with my mom. While shampooing my hair in the shower, suddenly I collapsed. The entire right side of my body became paralyzed. My husband heard the fall and came running while calling my name, but I was unable to speak. My mother informed him that I was showing signs of a stroke. The ambulance came and I was rushed to the hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. The only thing I recall is being in the operating room and having brain surgery. The doctor said that I was a walking miracle and that most people do not make it out of that situation. A blood clot went to my brain which caused the stroke.

How has that experience changed your life as an entrepreneur?

It taught me that every moment, every day, and every second, you can’t waste it. You have to take advantage of every little moment and every second. This was definitely an eye opener for me. God had a bigger purpose for me than what I had for myself.

How would you describe the journey you have had to get you to where you are now?

It has been a lot of ups and downs, it truly has not been easy. There has been a lot of struggle,  I have always felt like I was the underdog amongst people.  I always felt I had to work harder to prove a point or to even prove to myself at times that you’re not the underdog and you can do this despite what everybody else feels about you. It has not been an easy journey but I am proving people wrong day by day.

Tai Davis keeps a positive mindset on life and truly lives by the quote, “the sky is the limit to anything you desire to do in life.” She takes nothing for granted and uses her hair line as a way to help young women to achieve a natural look when it comes to wearing lace frontal wigs. She specially customizes and hand makes them so that they fit the natural head of the client. Her wigs are tailored to fit you personally and can be worn with the glue less technique or the glue. Tai also gave some insight to wearing the lace frontal wigs.

“The thing with the lace frontal wigs is that they are not designed to be glued to your actual
hair at all, which is what causes a lot of women to lose hair around their edges, especially
if they are also not removing them properly.”

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Images: Carolina Bradley Photography