Rendy Achille and his brand Achill3 Apparel have quickly made the name in the fashion world! The Miami-based brand is an apparel clothing line that has allowed many all over the world to express themselves. You’ve probably seen Achill3 Apparel showcased by your celebrity favorites such as NBA star, Kevin Durant, Migos, NFL star, Odell Beckham Jr., and many more! In less than three years, Achille has surely built his own empire! We sat down with Rendy to find out more about the designer and what all he’s got planned up his sleeve!

Who is the designer?

Rendy Achille, first started his career playing college football in Lindsborg Kansas. He is now a successful Fashion Designer best known for Zero Friends, Savage, Snapchat filter hats and the Achille Apparel Bookbags.

Where is Rendy Achille from?

Achille is a Haitian-American, Haitian decent raised in Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida.

What inspired the name and what does it mean? 

My last name is Achille, I spell Achill3 Apparel with the number 3 (third month birthday) I was taught to do what I love and always do my best in life. I started Achille Apparel in 2016 with the goal of creating a brand that seized today’s very best of modern and trendy fashion. I wanted to embrace what it means to be FRESH/cool because I knew it would bring great energy to all types of people and demographics of the fashion industry, I do it for the culture!

My creativity and ideas of my own fashion line has been years in the making but Achill3 Apparel has successfully been in business for almost five years now. This is the moment for fashion evolution! Achill3 Apparel is made for everyone who wants to be different with their own sense of style in Achille3 Apparel.

Miami has so many different people with so many different cultures. It has always been a part of  the inspiration behind my fashion artistry and true creativity. As a designer and being from Miami, culture has always inspired me overall, I’m making fashion fun and meaningful again! 

What does your line consist of?

The line consist of a HATS-Dog Filter, Savage, and Zero Friends. The hats comes in many assorted colors: Black, red, white, pink, blue, stained, splashed or leather and suede.

Whats next for your line? 

2018 we will launch bathing suits with fresh designs and styles for the ladies.

Where do you see your brand in five to seven years? 

In five to seven years, I plan to have a clothing store that caters to men, women, and children.

Who are the designers idles?

My ideas are James Jebbia the founder of Supreme the skateboard shop and clothing brand. Another one of my favorite ideals is the inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla. With my creativity and ambition, I plan to leave my mark in the fashion industry.


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