He’s an all def poet, Moody Black is one of a kind. His spirit his not only electrifying but his personal message to his audience truly leaves them speechless. He wears multiple hats as an artist, actor, chess instructor, story teller, and photographer. Native of South Carolina, Moody Black has surely made name for his self. Since he a young age, Black knew this was where life was going to take him. In this exclusive interview, Sheen got to know the artist who the world cannot quit buzzing over.

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? What was it that made you want to become a poet?

I love laughing… So most times I’m silly. However, I take what I do seriously. I love to draw and paint. I love watching all of the Marvel movies. I’m somewhat of a cool nerd. (laughs) As far as being a poet, my mom would bring us books and make my sister and I read poems from her college literary books from her night classes. She made us read Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, Nikki Giavonni, but it was a book sheNew had entitled “This Time Called Life” by Walter Rinder that really made me want to write. It was about being young and free. The images were of young people (during the Hippie movement of the 1960’s)

You’re also an actor, chess instructor, storyteller, and photographer. How do you do handle all of this with grace and remain as humble as you do?

Yes, I’m always seeking opportunities to use my other gifts. It’s just things I love to do. Whenever I have the chance to do any of it, it’s just fun and I don’t make a big “mucho” about it. But it’s all about contributing to make society better with my knowledge and my art.

You’ve traveled the country to share your original poems, do you have a favorite place you’ve entertained your audience?

Yes, I love all of them. I really love all the cities in Florida that I’ve performed at. Gary, Indiana, Columbus, Ohio, Pontiac, Detroit, and Grand Rapids. I performed for all of the counselors of the whole entire school district of Minneapolis, Minnesota, it was super dope! Queens, New York show a whole lot of love. And New Jeru (Newark, NJ) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania gave this southern dude major love. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I did a black history show at a venue called The Corner, I really enjoyed. I could go on, but all the venues I’ve performed was incredible.

What would you say the most difficult part about being an artist is?

Getting people to value what we do as artists. It’s easy (if you really have something to say) to get people to love what you do. It’s just hard to get people who want to put on shows or hire a poet to perform to value and compensate artists their worth.

What is the main message you want others to gain when you perform?

To follow your dreams, to aspire to be the best version of yourselves, despite our flaws. More importantly, to write as a means of therapy.

Do you mind sharing something most people don’t know about you?

I’m very introverted. I love being around people but I’d prefer to be inside watching my Marvel comic movies, secluded from the world or listening to hip-hop

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