Well ladies and gents…it’s time for some girl talk.

Let’s have an open conversation about cheating. That’s right chile, the “c” word that drives people absolutely insane.

Cheating is a touchy subject, but should it be looked at in black and white? Can we rack “cheating” on the list of things that a person should just never-ever-ever ever-do?

No…and yes.

Offering you a different perspective this fine Thursday morning, let’s chat about lies, cheating, and transforming the way that you think.

Here are three reasons why you should really think about staying before you leave someone who cheated on you.

  1. Do #AllLiesMatter ?

No typo here. We are serious.

Now, we know that a person shouldn’t lie in the first place, but hey, we’re all human here, right? Let’ say your man cheats on you and yes girl he does it with a woman that you claim is nothing compared to you.

So, you leave, without even hearing what he has to say.

Let’s say your man (or well ex-man) had been asking you repeatedly to take a break from work and spend more time with him. Let’s say he waited patiently for a year reminding you that he would love more time with you, but you still put work first.

And then the unthinkable happened- he cheated.

Ahhh…how have the tables turned. Now of course home boy is still in the wrong, cheating is cheating.

But you both were wrong.

You both were selfish.

So, to answer the question, yes all lies do matter. Always remember that whenever there is a problem, there is always a cause. If you figure out that the cause is you… maybe you should reconsider.

  1. Is everything black and white?

Okay, new scenario.

You catch your new potential man in a lie. He lied about a picture he sent you. Girl, he sent you a usie of him and his rode dawg to prove he was with him, but turns out you’ve seen the same picture on his Instagram. And shoot if he lied about the picture who knows what else he is lying about, right?

So, you make like Martin and tell him to GET TO STEPPIN!

But skeeerrrrr. There’s more to the story boo.

You told your new potential man, that you don’t trust him, that you don’t put “anything past men,” and that frankly you just aren’t going to believe anything he says.

Now let’s say your potential man was honest with you for the longest and was waiting patiently to gain your trust. He ALWAYS told you where he was and you ALWAYS questioned him. Finally, that day came and he saw an opportunity to maybe strengthen your trust for him-and he took it.

He was deceptive in a picture he sent you, because you wouldn’t trust him.

Was he wrong for coming to the conclusion that honesty wasn’t working?

He was wrong for lying, because a lie is a lie, but are you anymore in the right for consistently questioning him and treating him like a child?


If you are willing to invest in someone, trust should be given, until it is broken.

Granted, it was.

However, the environment you created for his trust and your trust to grow, wasn’t healthy.

Is everything black and white?


Before you crucify the man for lying to you take a minute and look at the grey areas.

Admire them. They are what will help you grow.

1.When does self-respect become narcissism?

Ladies, I understand how important it is to ensure you are being respected. Respect is THE main concept that women have always been fighting for (that’s right men, ALWAYS, we are still fighting for equality today…*see Donald Trump*) But feminism isn’t only loving yourself and making sure you’re good.

Feminism is being fair.

Feminism is understanding you’re a queen, but recognizing that you still have flaws.

If you ever find yourself thinking you are always right and you aren’t being empathetic to others.

Your “self-respect” could be turning into narcissism.

Well ladies and gents! We appreciate you taking the time to hear a different perspective and we hope that you learned something.

Have a comment about anything? (KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, no we’re kidding) We wanna know, sound off in the comment section below!

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