Current mood: “Pours coconut oil over my entire life!”

No really… what can’t this stuff do? Coconut is the all-in-one food that makes life that much easier. From makeup remover to using it to cook your food, this super-food can be used for most of your basic needs. Two years ago, I started to incorporate coconut oil into my everyday routine, and my results were instant. At first, I began to use the oil as a substitute for my everyday lotion to get rid of scars and for smoother skin. Not knowing how amazing this product was, I noticed that my nails became longer and stronger. This one product enabled me to throw out the countless number of products I bought that showed no results.

After realizing what coconut oil could do for my skin, I further researched the importance of coconut consumption. Often used to replace butters and oils for cooking, coconut oil offers a healthier alternative. This anti-fungal, antibacterial super-food aids in weight loss, enriches mother’s milk, and heals eczema. Though this short list serves coconut oil no justice, using this product monthly for oil pulling helps to fight bacteria and infections in your mouth. Recently, I started to drink coconut water (sold at local and health food grocery stores) to replenish my thirst. In the heat of the summer I remain hydrated, and my body contains a healthy amount of electrolytes lost through sweating while working out.

Coconuts help to increase your health from the inside out. It provides a natural and holistic way to care for your body, and gives you fast results. When shopping, be sure to buy unrefined coconut oil which is free of chemicals and contains natural compounds originally presented in coconuts. Some may not like the taste of coconut water when they first try it, so blend it into a smoothie to add flavor, you can do this by replacing milk or regular water. The possibilities of what coconuts can do for your health is endless. Get yours today!

Featured Image: Shutterstock