Size inclusivity is a good thing, right? Of course! Every launch of a size-inclusive brand is a small victory for those who believe that all bodies are good bodies and should have equal representation in the image-driven media world we live in.

Things are changing, and it is absolutely amazing that as a community, the fashion industry is expanding its boundaries and becoming more size inclusive. Plus-size women, such as myself, have been begging for wardrobe options that are stylish, unique, and flattering for curvy women. We have not yet crossed the finish line, but at least the race has finally started.

Why is the Race so Long?

Many brands are falling short when it comes to simple areas of plus-size fashion and size inclusivity. Simply put, many brands don’t hit the mark, and overlook us busty and girthy women. When we think of stylish ensembles that allow movement, look graceful, and function comfortably – along with having high-quality fabric – they are difficult to find and seem to have missed the designer’s list of must-haves for his or her collection altogether.

Fashion in a Perfect World

Hopefully, in the near future, the floors of retail establishments won’t be segmented into “straight-sizes” and “plus-sizes.” In a perfect world, all racks will be filled with killer dresses, outfits, pants, skirts, and blouses for all body types. Plus-size people will no longer have to hop online to find clothing that reflects his or her personal style. I have faith that, as the fight for size-inclusivity continues, more brands will recognize the necessity for equal representation on the sales floor in brick and mortar locations, not just online.

What’s Taking So Long?

But the eye test and research data support the reality that brands don’t offer a wide variety of plus-size clothing. One of the most popular excuses is based on statistics which state that plus-size women are not shopping as frequently as straight-size women. I challenge brands and designers to commit to size inclusivity, and I am positive that the plus-size community will respond in a positive manner.

Is There Still Hope?

Yes! There are many brands who are inclusively supporting every body type. Brands such as Modcloth offer sizes up to a 4x. Eloquii serves women with sizes ranging from 14 to 28, and Universal Standard goes up to a size 40.

It is such a breath of fresh air to see how the fashion industry is taking a step back and reevaluating the perception that fashion is a size zero. Fashion doesn’t have a size. Fashion is an attitude, a reflection of emotion, and a statement of freedom.

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