Seventeen year old actress, Desiree Ross is making great strides in her career. The young actress co-stars alongside Oprah Winfrey, Lynn Whitfield and Keith David in the critically acclaimed OWN series Greenleaf. The Greenleaf star sat down with SHEEN Magazine to talk about her young career which has been extraordinary in every sense of the word.

As many know, you play the role of Sophia Greenleaf. If you could describe her, what would you say about her character? 

Sophia Greenleaf moved from Arizona to Tennessee, after the death of her aunt. She began to learn more about Christianity, and grew in her faith. She is a sweet girl, who adds a touch of sass. She wants the best for everyone around her.

We had an opportunity to meet Sophia in 2015, how are we going to see her character expand this season?

 We are definitely going to see the role of Sophia evolve, as it pertains to her role in the church. Sophia takes larger steps in her faith and her commitment to Christianity. Sophia decided that she wants to advance her role and become a teacher to children, just like her mother.

What makes Sophia special from the entire cast of the show? 

Sophia, is different because she’s truly and sincerely pure. She is the only one in the family who has no malicious intent, as she is truly finding herself. Sophia cares for others and puts others before herself.

How did you prepare for the role as Sophia?

Sophia is a lot like myself. I was able to pull many comparisons between her life and my life to create the character that you all see on TV.

How has the experience been, co starring alongside stars such as Lynn Whitfield, Keith David and Oprah Winfrey? 

Working alongside the cast has been amazing. I view them all as my family, as I have learned so much from working with them. Everyone puts much work in which creates a team effort.

What was the greatest piece of advice that Oprah Winfrey, or any of the cast mates have given you? 

Keith David provides a lot of advice to the cast. He uses stories to help myself and many of the actresses get into character, to bring these stories to television.

As you are diversifying yourself as an actress, what do you want your career to represent?

Phil, I want my career to represent a positive message that everyone can be what they want to be with perseverance. I’m happy that I am a  black artist, and that color should not interfere with talent. No matter what your skin color is, if you believe in yourself, you should know that you can achieve it.

The new season of Greenleaf premieres Wednesday March 15th at 10pm ET on OWN 

Photo by Tina Nieves