Alright, ladies! Let’s get this natural hair popping! Whether you’ve been natural for one month, six months or two years, it’s always important to maintain a healthy mane. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your natural hair.

Do: Part your hair with a wide tooth comb and comb it in sections. (Use a spray bottle with water sometimes in order to soften up the thickness)

Do: Add moisture to your scalp. Adding an oil such as argan, coconut or olive oil keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Don’t: Keep your hair up in a bun or ponytail for more than three days. Allow your hair and roots to breathe once in a while.

Don’t: Keep adding too much tension to your hair. Rubber bands, bobby pins are great for natural hairstyles but don’t keep using them too often.

Do: Let your hair breathe from the weave, crochet braids, and wigs! A lot of times when we decide to go natural, the time spent doing hair can become a pain. So, a lot of black women wear a lot of wigs for months at a time without taking care of their hair underneath. Wearing weave is okay, but it is also a must to mend to your real hair. The breakage is real ladies. Look sexy but feel healthy!

Don’t: Put too much heat on your hair. Too much heat can cause breakage as well to your hair. To protect your hair from heat, try using a light spray/spritz on each section before applying heat. If you do decide to use heat, try decreasing the amount you use it and look at other ways to get curls or other styles without curling irons or flat irons. Rods, regular rollers or for a simple style, wrapping your hair after you have curled it or flat-ironed it for a longer wear.

Do: Keep your ends trimmed. One thing that you don’t want to experience is “raggedy ends,” especially when we wear braids or any other protective style, we want to be sure that our ends are well taken of and healthy. Going to the beauty salon once a month or every two months should be when you are getting your ends trimmed. Snip! Snip!

Do: Try new protective and natural hairstyles. YouTube videos can be your best friend at times! Whether you wear it straight, kinky or in a fro, rock your natural style! It doesn’t even matter if you have been natural for one month or four years, you can still rock your natural beauty!

Featured Image: Shutterstock