Originally for Nigeria, Stephanie Omens is an amazing Jewelry Artist who creates gorgeous eye-catching pieces based on her tribal Igbo roots. With its rich history and cultural, you find that Igbo’s (Ibo) are some of the smartest people on earth, and their creativity is widespread – no wonder Stephanie Bijoux is finding success by sharing her talents with us.

As a child during holiday and school breaks, Miss Omens was required to take Arts & Craft Workshops – and her love affair for jewelry making began. Lovely, breathtaking, precious, and timeless are the words that come to mind when first viewing a must have Stephanie Bijoux piece. Like a puzzle, Stephanie Omens intricately handmade and standalone signature chunky pieces of jewelry stands out when they all come together.

Why did you become a jewelry artist?

Growing up, my Mother and Aunties would always dress up and over accessorize, so I wanted to design something pretty for my Mom to wear. Nigerian women always go overboard when going out on the town – they wear a lot of jewelry that matches their lavish garments, and oversized headwraps. Nigerian women love being show stoppers and that is what I keep in mind when designing my Stephanie Bijoux line.

Do you leverage social media to sell your pieces?

To be honest, I need to utilize Social Media more. My sells mostly come from word of mouth or vending events. Some Fashion Bloggers give me ideas on how to color block my pieces together from how they coordinate their outfits.

Jewelry making is a peaceful time for me, and it’s how I unwind & relax, but it takes a lot of thought to create my statement pieces.

Truly, I need to get better on Social Media, but with a full-time job, jewelry making and trying to deliver consistent content it’s all a balancing act that I am learning to juggle and manage.

Two Signature Pieces A Lady Should Never Leave Home without are:

  • Stephanie Bijoux one of kind signature chunky necklace, which compliments any garment.
  • A pair of Stephanie Bijoux Earrings.

Where do you get your inspiration?

My collections are all handmade with Nigerian Tribes in mind, and I give them beautiful names. As an Igbo, I wanted to pay homage to my culture and where I was born. Another inspiration is viewing Pinterest, and that’s my go-to space – it is where I spend a lot of my online time – too much to be honest.

Leveraging her passion for jewelry making while representing her Nigerian culture, Stephanie Omen is always reading about new ways to increase her digital footprint with content that attracts her target audience.

Working full time to pay the bills until she can eventually fire her boss, Stephanie Bijoux’s line is a way to make women smile, live on purpose, look beautiful, bring in extra money and help women be the conversation piece at any event. Before starting a business, women need to ensure it isn’t all about money, but instead have a bigger purpose.

Dropping Jewels

The greatest lessoned learned from this interview was to be intentional about what you do, love it, build consistently, learn more, be mindful of who you work with, and always support others because with reciprocity we all win and can reach our goals.

As an entrepreneur, building relationships is vital as well as being more strategic, especially when leveraging the online space. Some of the key components Miss Omens shares for staying consistent to become a household name is:

  • Collaborate, strategically
  • Invest In learning your craft
  • Take risks and believe in yourself
  • Make more strategic moves going forward

Whether for a night on the town, living it up or turning it all the way down for that intimate time alone with that special somebody – no matter the occasion or what you wear, a Stephanie Bijoux piece of Jewelry should be a staple in every girl’s jewelry box. Pick Up Your Statement Piece here!

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All images by Cesca Nelo | provided by Stephanie Omens