South Carolina native, Khristen Murdock is an active duty Army officer, certified personal trainer, fitness and holistic nutrition specialist, athlete, published fitness and fashion model, and CEO of Bodiedbymurda. Bodiedbymurda develops detailed programs that showcase the extreme strategic structure within all fitness plans both nutritional and physical for personnel who desire weight loss, mass gains, lean / tone body mass, and or flexibility. In addition to this, she has also created her own fitness and apparel line called “Bodiedbymurda Apparel” to help broadcast her brand.

What inspired you to enter the fitness industry?

I was always active and have played many sports including tee ball, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, and cross country. I am extremely athletic and I worked out to build my strength, stability, flexibility, and balance. While going through grade school, I had a love for science which leads to me majoring in biology in college. I graduated from college with a BS degree in biology and learned a lot about the human body, medical and fitness aspects, and how it works. I developed a love for fitness and nutrition then, so I started experimenting with myself changing my diet more and more based off of the knowledge I had obtained from school and other professionals. Sure enough, I began to see results and from this point on I have challenged myself and worked my way up to getting certified within the fitness industry, spreading knowledge, giving tips, training, etc. for the benefit and inspiration of others.

What advice would you share with readers that may struggle with motivation to workout?

Seek help from a professional such as a personal trainer. At this point you have little to no motivation, your confidence level may be low, you may have low self-esteem or some emotional factor that is causing you to overlook the fact that you need to start somewhere and make a difference or change in your health. It is a personal trainer’s job to do an assessment, know what your goals are, understand the purpose, and develop a program to help you achieve your goals so that you can look your best and feel your best.

However, I must say everything is trial and error, but if you don’t try you’ll never know how to achieve the goals that will lead you to look your best. If it’s something you have always been passionate about it’s a must! Go for it!

With a warmer season upon us, what type of dietary changes would you recommend?

Stay hydrated! Drink more water and clear fluids filled with natural minerals and electrolytes. Be sure to consume more fruits and veggies. Try not to consume a lot of dairy products and cut down on the meat and starch. This is so you can maintain that summer body and feel your best. Trust me you’ll feel a difference. Add some herbs and maybe a natural multivitamin to your diet for extra energy and cleansing. Herbs have so many benefits. Practice makes perfect, eat healthy, stay active, and live better.

What is next for you in 2019 and how can readers connect with you online?

I will continue to network and build my brand within the fitness industry but also learn different ways to expand in order to challenge others and myself to make a difference. In 2019 I want to put myself out there more and have people know who I am so that they are comfortable with allowing me to help make a difference in their lives. There are so many fitness professionals worldwide and most individuals who need help or that extra push or motivation to allow them to want to progress and get to that next level to achieve their goals, tend to lookpasts them because it’s a money issue. Well, I am here to tell you, less 50-40% of the time it is not about the money with the right fitness professional. Your health and well-being is worth so much more to me.

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All images by Diego Tomas