Kellee Edwards shows us how to travel with your dreams!

When it comes to leaving a special mark on the world Kellee Edwards is doing just that one step at a time, whether a footprint in the sands of an exotic beach or the deep now of a majestic mountain. As a travel and adventure expert who explores by land, air, and sea – while hosting the Travel Channel’s Mysterious Islands – Kellee has traveled far and wide to all four corners of the globe. While setting out to chase her dream, she also sends the bold message that you too can do anything you set your heart and mind to.

Can you tell us about a memorable place?

In one of the episodes I filmed for my show, I went to Sulawesi, Indonesia, which was extremely memorable. In the Toraja community, within Sulawesi, they live with their deceased family members for months, even years, until they can afford an elaborate ceremony called Rambu Solo, which costs upwards of $100,000 US dollars. This time allows the family members to respect the grieving process and their loved ones. As westerners, when our deceased family members die, we hand them over to a mortuary. In the Toraja community, the family members do it themselves, maintaining and even feeding the body three meals a day in a special room, as if they’re still alive until the family member can provide the very lovely send off.


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Featured Image: Kellee Edwards | Instagram