Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory and kidney disease are prevalent within the African American community. Celebrity herbalist and raw food specialist, A.D. Dolphin, CEO of DHerbs, created a cleansing product line that has helped transform the waistlines and health of his high profile clientele such as Emmy Award-winning actress Niecy Nash, Grammy Award-winning singer Brandy, actress Sherri Shepherd, TV Host/Comedian Steve Harvey, and actress Elise Neal.

A.D. advocates that African Americans need to adopt a healthy lifestyle that consists of a nutritious diet, exercise, as well as, detoxifying their bodies to reach optimal health.

Sheen Magazine had the chance to sit down with A.D. to discuss his solution on how to clean out the clutter and junk, while also cleaning your mind, body, and waistline.

How did you come up with the idea to create your product line?

A few years back my brother and I did a cleanse, and we had such a phenomenal experience, but [the product] was so expensive. We decided to go on a quest to create a cleanse that everyone can benefit from, and that would not be so expensive. That became our journey about 11 years ago, and now we have the number one cleanser online.

Describe the DHerbs body cleanse and how it works?

Absolutely, it is a 20-day herbal cleanse that consists of seven formulas that are geared to clear out your major eliminative channels which are like your gall bladder, heart, liver, colon, spleen, lungs, kidneys, adrenal glands, blood and skin. It will help you flush out the impurities in those particular areas of your body. Also, during your cleanse you cannot eat the same foods that gave you the notion of cleansing; you have to change your diet. On our cleanse you can only eat fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and raw seeds. The trick there is you can eat as much as you like, there is no limitations, no measuring, and no calorie counting.

So all the eliminative channels are cleansed simultaneously?

Yes, each particular formula pertains to those [specific] areas.

Why is it important to cleanse your body?

You wear your body down. The same way people take their car to get a tune-up; it is a tune-up for your body. Just getting your body at a healthier point and keeping it healthy, so sickness does not set in. I always remind people that ninety percent of diseases are diet related. That means we are eating our way to a sickness because of our eating habits. But if you can eat your way to a [disease] that means you can eat your way out of sickness. It is about creating healthy habits, and the cleanse will lead you down that path. It will re-cleanse your palate; your body will crave vegetables, fruits, and water which will keep you on this planet.

Why should people try your cleanse as opposed to other cleanses?

If you go to our website, we have over twenty thousand reviews, and I would say ninety percent of them are all favorable. We just do a good job, anyone that picks up the phone at has done the cleanse. Everyone in our building has done the cleanse. You are talking to people who have the personal experience and not just an operator. Also, it is an affordable cleanse, I do not think it will stop people from paying rent, that is why we are so successful.

What are some of the benefits that a person will experience after doing your cleanse?

[You can see] weight loss between 10 to thirty pounds depending on the condition of your body, you will sleep better, have a stronger immune system, [experience] mental clarity, the ability to focus and concentrate better.

Explain your Spring Cleanse Method.

It is decluttering your body. It is [removing] all the impurities with your body, giving you a fresh start during spring and getting you ready for summer.

What are some spring superfoods you recommend to clean out the eliminative channels of the body?

Strawberries, Oranges, Blueberries and Raspberries—anything that is dark and colored will be your antioxidants that will help purify your blood.

Pineapples—naturally help your digestive system.

Leafy green foods—provide iron, and they have tons of cleansing properties. Celery naturally lowers your blood pressure; on our website we have a celery juice mix recipe.

One of your clients Elise Neal nearly broke the internet when she posted a selfie of herself in a bikini. What exercises do you recommend?

I would say the elliptical machine because it is a low-impact workout and it moves your entire body.

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