Before there were flexi rods, curl formers, or even sponge rollers, women achieved the curly look with household items. You’ll be surprised of the curls that can be created by simply using a paper bag or old pieces of fabric. These are items that many of our past generations used to attain bouncy curls back in the day. Get the vintage look by following these quick and easy steps.

Paper Bag Curls

Cut a paper bag into your desired number of strips and divide the hair into equal sections for manageability. Using an upward motion, take each small section and begin rolling. Create a firm hold by slightly twisting the strips. Once you’ve reached a stopping point, tie both ends of the paper bag together.

Straw Curls

Did you know that you can achieve a roller set by using drinking straws? If you like spiral curls than you’ll love this roller set that can be completed before bed. Drinking straws creates a tighter curl versus milk shake straws, which gives you a chunky curl.  Using small pieces of hair, begin wrapping the ends twice around the straw. Next twist the hair in a spiral motion. Lastly, secure both ends of the straw with a bobby pin.

Sock Curls

Let’s not underestimate the old socks you have laying around your house. Women have used this beauty hack for years to obtain beach wave curls. If you’re a lover of loose curls than this style is for you! Simply part your hair in four sections and begin rolling the sock in an upward motion. Keep the socks in overnight to create a voluminous curl. The next morning remove all socks and lightly fluff curls.

Featured Image: Shutterstock