Who would’ve thought that one before and after hair testimonial photo on Instagram would create such a stir that Ciara Adams would be almost instantaneously catapulted into the natural haircare world as a leader and consultant to her followers.

“In October of 2015 I broke down and got my hair pressed out. My hair had grew so long and I ended up posting a before and after picture of it, and people where so amazed. I got so many messages asking what I do, and what my hair regimes are, so I decided to make a Instagram page dedicated to natural hair care.”

What’s even more interesting is that the Youngstown, Ohio native spent years misunderstanding her hair and what it meant to protect her tresses, she explains “I really didn’t know about natural hair care. I was brought up on relaxers, when people would say that relaxers broke their hair out and how bad the chemicals where I really didn’t understand why.”

Combined with the move to Atlanta, Georgia, Adams made a decision to begin her process to repair her hair one strand at a time.

Ciara Adams 1

“When I moved to Georgia, I went almost a year without putting any heat in my hair. I changed up my diet, drank lots of water, took vitamins daily, and I would literally stalk my favorite natural hair Instagram pages for tips about oils, and natural styles to do while it’s hot outside. I got really good with taking care of my own hair.”

Fast forward to today, and Adams a brand ambassador for The Mane Choice & Berry Curly Naturals, has 12K followers who tune into her Instagram daily to learn about product reviews, hair care tips and overall inspiration.

Throughout her own hair journey, the petite beauty has gained a newfound love and appreciation for her natural hair and its expression and encourages other women to embrace themselves just the way they are.

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All images provided by Ciara Adams