At the age of 27 years old Lindsey A. Walker was diagnosed with stage four cancer… Being in the moment propelled Lindsey to face the challenges she had head on and encourage others while doing so. In her new novel Thriving Through the Storm, Walker shares the changes in perspective on life, love, and entrepreneurship since her diagnosis. She shares more in her interview with SHEEN Magazine.

You’re diagnosis at such a young age, how did you feel in that moment?

Being diagnosed with stage four cancer at the age of 27 was so surreal to me. It was like a dream I wanted to wake up from. I was scared, lonely, and afraid. I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know what my life would look like… It truly was an unbelievable experience

How has facing the woman in the mirror guided you to your own sense of self-discipline?

Whew! I am more aware of so many things. I finished treatment December 13, 2018 and ever since then, I’ve decided to live my life differently. I am intentionally about being present in the moment instead of worrying about things I can’t control. I work out 2-3 times a week now, I watch what I eat, and I love on myself more than I ever have. Facing the woman in the mirror taught me that it’s okay to grieve, to be content, and want more at the same time. It’s okay to love me and put myself first no matter what.

What was the pivotal moment you no longer let fear run your life?

Hmm, I think that is something that I am still wrestling with. I am learning that fear is going to be present, however, the best way to combat it, is to accept it, acknowledge it and then push past it anyway. I’ve been through so much in a short period of time, I am fearful of a lot of things, but I choose to focus on the good and fight for myself daily. Therapy also helps.

How have you been able to keep the faith throughout your journey?

Honestly, I’ve always had a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I had to lean on my faith or else I would have thrown in the towel. When dark times seem to overwhelm me, I am reminded that God has the final say over my life. That doesn’t mean that things will be perfect or without trial, but it means that I have the ability to overcome anything that comes my way. And there’s such peace and hope in that

How can working through your book guide us to our best lives?

My hope is that the book will be used as a catalyst to show readers that will all face certain trials and tribulations, but it’s not about what you go through, it’s about how you choose to respond to it. I want you to know that your situation and your past, does not define who you truly are. You have a choice to thrive even in the midst of pain and chaos. To me, that’s what living your best life is all about.

What can we expect next from you?

The book will be released by March 24, 2020. After that, I am planning to do a ton of speaking engagements, maybe write another book and of course continue to grow and expand my public relations firm, Walker + Associates Media Group.

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