I believe that your relationship with yourself is the foundation on which all your other relationships are built. We get so caught up in trying to find love when the key is finding yourself; It’s amazing how attractive you become. I’ve found that loving you creates a happy you, and a happy you attracts love.

Here are 3 ways that show how LOVING YOU also opens the door for someone else to love you too!

  1. Loving Who You Are Breeds Confidence

We all know that confidence is the number one quality that many find most attractive in the opposite sex. When your confident in who you are, you are more relaxed and free (free from pain, worry, insecurities), attracting the right kind of people that will appreciate your poise and treat you with the respect you deserve!

  1. Loving Who You Are Attracts Others That Do The Same

Being happy can help you find a mate who also has a positive attitude and outlook on life, rather someone full of negative energy. Self-love is the best love and it demands others to love you in the same capacity, and attracts those who also have a healthy relationship and perspective of themselves.

  1. Loving Who You Are Helps You Deal With the Disappointments

 Sometimes that guy or girl that you have your eye on is just not into you! And that’s ok! Being confident in the qualities you have and what you can offer in a relationship will stop you from losing sleep at night over the wrong person! You’ll realize that it’s just a case of them missing out and an energy saver for you to preserve for the right person!

So get to know yourself…love who you are! You’ll walk a little taller and gain the attention from the opposite sex that you deserve and desire!

As Always,


Your Favorite Matchmaker, DClark