Meet 25 year old girl boss, Toi Leonnah, founder and CEO of luxury hair brand, I Wear Glam.

This young visionary is a living testament that all things are possible. Toi went from being a local LPN to owning one of the most nationally recognized hair brands worn by the likes of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole and more. I had the opportunity to catch up with this inspiring mogul in the making to find out how she made her first million at only 25, and the gems of success.

Does it feel surreal to have such a highly lucrative and successful brand at such a young age?

Yes, it feels very surreal. It’s actually still unbelievable to me at times. Sometimes I just sit and think to myself, ‘Wow, I really started this big successful company all by myself.’ Sometimes it doesn’t even seem realistic that this big company is actually mine, and mine alone. I’ve had this company since I was about 22 years old and to have such a great business with such a large revenue, is more than an accomplishment I would say.

Did you always know that I Wear Glam would be so successful, and how did you start your hair empire?

Surprisingly, I never thought I Wear Glam would be this successful. When I first started the company I was a nurse, so it was just something I planned to do on the side. At first it was just a hustle for me. I was in school to become an RN, I loved my job and I loved nursing. I wanted to do something on the side to make more money since I loved to shop. Every time a friend or family member would get their hair done, they would call me and ask me where should they buy from, etc. So I thought to myself, if everyone always calls and asks me where they should get their hair from, maybe I should just sell it to them.

I started and business was slow but I didn’t mind because it was just extra money. The business started to pick up but I assumed it would just be temporary, or not a big deal. I never considered quitting my job because it was my career, even though my side hustle started bringing in more than my paychecks. Eventually my nursing job fired me for a small mishap. I was devastated, although I was making good money selling hair at this point, it did not feel right not having a job. So I found another job, but the hours with the new job I found were not accommodating the business, so I had to make a choice between my new job and I Wear Glam; I ended up quitting on my fourth day. A month after I quit, I signed my lease for my first location.


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