Every year, I take time to reflect and refocus on myself. I try to ensure that my priorities are in order and my attention is on myself. In this tech-centered world, it is quite easy to get caught up in someone else’s success, happiness, downfalls and failures. “Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self,” by Mikki Taylor, helps with just that.

Mikki Taylor, an author, strategic consultant, life style maven and the girlfriend you wish you had, wasted no time with a subtle stroll into her book. From the introduction throughout every chapter, Mikki delivers advice from herself and well-known ladies that is sure to change your attitude about life. It is hard to read this book and not instantly feel capable of doing whatever it is you want to do. “Editor in Chic” works on ladies from the inside out, literally, as the first chapter focuses on internal beauty, character and strength.

If you are familiar or in love with daily affirmations, this matches it and multiplies it by 10. You are able to obtain more than a daily dose as so much empowerment is found in each chapter. While there are only seven chapters, each one packs a punch and leaves you wanting nothing. I’ve even adapted some of the pieces of enlightenment and added them to my dry erase board, with one of my favorites being, “When you know your value, you won’t waste your time auditioning for others’ approval…” Read that and couldn’t help but to say “damn” because that was the truth! It resonates so profoundly. Along with her affirmation-type advice, she also gives her cute “Mikki-isms,” which are her own thoughts and guidance given in only a way that she can serve.

It was surprising to learn that many of the ladies mentioned in the book, like Marjorie Harvey, Jill Scott, Alfre Woodard, and Shirley Chisholm to name a few of many, gave credit to a higher being. It was not just credit for their success, but for the women they are in general. It wasn’t just their hard work and determination, but their faith that helped carry them through whatever life brought their way during their journey thus far. So many ladies gave take-aways from their lives, whether to intentionally give advice or not, that will surely have you walking away feeling beautiful, perfect in your imperfections and renewed in every way possible. Mikki delivers lifestyle insight that is certain to transform you.

“Editor in Chic” is a phenomenal book written for all of the phenomenal women who need a reminder every now and then. You can purchase your copy from your favorite book store beginning May 1, 2018.