I always loved the quote by Estee Lauder; “I never dreamed of success, I worked for it.” Many would agree this quote to be true. And one person in particular knows all about this, On-Air Personality, MissPhaShunta. She knew she wanted to be a Correspondent because she loved talking to people and she use to sing and act as a child. PhaShunta tried getting interviews with celebrities, but there was no response at first. So how does someone get started doing something they are passionate about without a helping hand? Well, they create their own opportunities.

MissPhaShunta, started her own company and started interviewing people in her community, up and coming artists, local radio personalities, etc… From there she started to generate a buzz. Then, she got her first celebrity interviews from artists like Patti LaBelle, Kem, and Ronald Isley. I think we all can agree those are some pretty BIG names for first interviews, right?

Well, we can take a lesson out of MissPhaShunta’s book and see that persistence is key! Here are a couple tips from her on how to create your own opportunities:

  • Read- It’s very fundamental. Research is important. 
  • Shadow someone you admire.
  • Intern- Take on opportunities to be in the environment you want to be.
  • Have Faith- do not be afraid

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