There’s no better day of the week than Friday. It’s the end of stressful weekdays and the beginning of a hopeful weekend. If you’re like me, you can only hope for your weekend to be something like a movie.

Friday, to be exact.

Many of us see Ice Cube’s “Friday” as a comedy movie; however, there were some words of encouragement thrown around here and there.

Here are some quotes from the movie to consider this weekend so you can channel your inner Ice Cube aka Craig, and if you have a best friend, they can channel their inner Smokey.

#1. “You win some. You lose some. But you live, you live to fight another day.” – Pops.

Always fight for what’s right. Whether it’s a challenge or not, in the end you’ll get a chance to wake up the next day and try again.

#2. “Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey” –Big Worm.

Weekend rule #1 Never play with anyone’s money. We’re all serious about the money we make. So, if you owe anyone some money, pay them back this weekend to avoid conflict. We’ve all seen this movie a million times. You know what happened.

#3. “Look, why don’t you go down the street and get something to eat. I know you hungry.” – Smokey

If you were looking for a sign as a reason to eat out this weekend, here you go. Give yourself a break. Grab your favorite take out dish and enjoy a few days of not cooking.

#4. “Bye Felicia.”— Craig.

This weekend, we’re not wasting our time giving into other’s negativity. If they want to be toxic, just say “Bye Felicia”, and go on about your day.

Well, there you have it. A simple way to have a Ice Cube type of “Friday.”