I believe all the beauty bloggers could agree that one of the best accessories we have, is our nails. So why do we not take care of them like we should, right? Well Celebrity Mobile Manicurist, Alisha P. Hicks, spoke with us to break down some our most asked questions in beauty.

Alisha, has done nails for designer Stevie Boi, during the infamous Mercedes Benz New York fashion week, Rapper Jeezy, and so much more. Alisha started off in a nail salon and built a huge clientele! Then she decided to take her talents on the road.

Sheen: How to we keep our nails healthy?

Alisha: The biggest thing we forget about is our feet. We have to keep the toenails clipped. Pedicures should be done on a regular basis, because it includes a relaxation massage that keeps the circulation going. As far as your hands, keep them moisturized, especially in the winter time. Your cuticles you want to keep them pushed back and oil on your cuticles to keep them moisturized.

Sheen: Gel versus Acrylic?

Alisha: Gel is healthier then Acrylic because there is so much more chemicals that come with getting an Acrylic set. I swear by Gel polish.

Sheen: Is UV light harmful when getting gel manicure done?

Alisha: I use LED lights, because it is healthier than and not as harmful as the UV light. And you still get the same results. However, your hands are not under the UV light that long to cause extreme damage for example, like a tanning bed would cause.

Sheen: Other than nails what is the other beauty craze we should know about?

Alisha: I love eyelash extensions! You can get synthetic, silk or mink hair. The lashes can get wet and you can swim in them. They last 2-4- weeks. I have teamed up with my partner Karina and started a company called Knay Glam. So in January, we will start training different salons about lashes.

Sheen: Eyelash extensions versus strip lashes?

Alisha: Your natural lashes shed and eyelash extensions just replace where your eyelashes have already shed. Versus the strip or cluster lashes can cause your lashes to fall out.

Sheen: How can people stay in contact with you?

Alisha: People can consider me for their next corporate event, pamper parties, Customer Appreciation Day, etc… I can be followed @AlishaPHicks on Instagram or by email for nails or for lashes.