Having its premiere a few days away from the monumental release, history is being made when speaking on the film “White Men Can’t Jump.”  As the movie is to be released on May 19th2023, the cast features well known talents within the industry starring Sinqua Walls, Jack Harlow, Lance Reddick, TeyanaTaylor and more. The film captures classic moments based on the original film released in the early 90’s specializing certain landmarks that are shown in Los Angeles. The director behind the charismatic film Calmatic shows visionary appreciation to what the City of Angels has grown to become. Keeping in mind the original plot towards the film, the 2023 remake provides the definition of what really takes place during this generation. Showing backgrounds of mental health awareness, heartbreak, ambition, and courage to not only the love for the game of basketball, but the love and acceptance of never accepting failure as an option. Overall giving the film a unique touch as relatable throughout the community and the ones who truly have a love for the game.


Photo Courtesy of Allied Global Marketing