Water is seemingly the holy grail of everything. Whether that be healthy hair, skin, nails, or just your body functioning properly but many complain about the taste and the task of obtaining the recommended eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Discovering ways that effective and efficient to drink all those glasses can be quite a daunting circumstance, luckily here at SHEEN has come up with creative ways to consume your daily intake and quickly being about to reap the benefits!

Tip 1: Chug! When it’s time to drink that water, drink it as quickly as possible! The faster you drink your glass of your, the less you’ll taste it!

Tip 2: Mark your progress. For every glass you take, you will receive a tally or some sort of mental check. Finding a small reward that can be used as an incentive once you do so. For example, if you finish all eight 8-ounce glasses, you can have an extra fifteen minutes watching television at the end of your work day.

Tip 3: Add fruit to your water! Fruit will add flavor to your water in a healthy way! Pick your favorite fruit and infuse it into your water over night.

Tip 4: Just do it! Honestly, the best advice would be to just drink the water and eventually it will grow on you! It may not always taste great but just think of all the benefits of your guzzling habits!

Featured Image: Shutterstock