“IMARA means power, persistence, and endurance in Swahili,” and the 2019 IMARA retreat, presented by The Colored Girl, featured a week-long experience in Johannesburg, South Africa, dedicated to unite, uplift, empower, and heal every participant through bonding which can only come from sisterhood. According to Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth, the founders of IMARA, “You could feel the expansion and transformation occurring as we began to explore how we move in the world, and also how we relate to one another.”

Some of the many discussion leaders included Danielle Leslie, Brandice Daniel, Dr. Sana Jaman, and Kela Walker, who all shared their wisdom when it comes to navigating through their perspective work fields. “The panel discussions opened up minds and hearts, as we delved deeply into the overarching theme of Identity, and included in-depth discussions about mental health and what it means to be a Daughter of the Diaspora.”

Events included a private movie screening from a local director, a visit to the cradle of civilization, a safari, shopping in Johannesburg, a silent disco yoga session, and wine tastings. “We learned and luxuriated, reminding us that we deserved this time to not only reconnect and reflect to also prioritize where place ourselves on our own to-do list in our daily lives.”

In conclusion, Tori and Victory explained, “Our week was so full…we were able to learn, grow, truly connect, and transform deeply, within a such a short amount of time together, all because we showed up open and will and held space for one another, realizing that even though we may come from different places and circumstances, that we all one, that we are all enough as we are, and that no woman is alone.”

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All images provided by The Colored Girl