50% of users search for products on the internet before they even step into a store.  It’s so important for a business’ digital footprint to fully express the brand material.  Your digital footprint is your online reputation that needs marketing help from professionals such as Danielle Reid.  This Mother of 4 was the first woman to oversee the marketing campaigns of the U.S. Navy.  She’s also the owner of DR & Associates. Her success was met with various barriers within her career industry.

In the earlier years of her career, Danielle hit the glass ceiling after struggling with being overlooked for promotions due to promoted colleagues in the workplace being less experienced, less qualified, or having nepotism. I was tired of being overlooked or denied for positions on the basis of being “overqualified” or hearing excuses from organizations about “culture-fit” which is often used as an excuse when minorities are job hunting with a predominately white employer or employer group,” Danielle mentions. 

Oftentimes, when someone with real experience and qualifications enters into an organizational team where nobody else is experienced in the industry, it creates friction and I knew that I needed to make a larger impact by serving people that would benefit directly from my services while appreciating my gifts and knowledge,” she continues. Danielle knew that she needed to branch out on her own with DR & Associates.  She hasn’t looked back since. Her new lease on life was due to her realization of the core values of marketing and communications.  Her knowledge, dedication to clients and appreciation for culture have helped to generate her success.

The core values of marketing are showing potential clients why they should utilize or support the products and/or services of one brand over another competitor. Marketing shows the values of a product or service, along with the values of the company/brand/firm,” says Danielle Reid.  “So often, people feel deceived by other marketing executives and marketing agencies that are focusing on their internal bottom line and profit instead of truly finding solutions that benefit their clients’ success. I believe in our motto of “real results for real people” because I have seen marketing leaders falsify information for their own benefit instead of being truthful with their clients,” Danielle adds. “When clients hire me or my firm, they know they will not get a “yes” person and instead will get a team t  hat is going to be honest about what works and what will not,” she continues. 

Juggling multiple roles such as motherhood, marriage and business can be exhausting for most.  Although Danielle doesn’t believe in the art of finding balance, she does make time for all things that require her involvement.  “When I first started my business, I found myself overworked and underpaid which led to me neglecting other parts of my life. Now, I have set hours and allow myself wiggle room to not be perfect since I do have children that need help with homework, school, projects, extracurricular activities, get sick, etc,” Danielle adds. “I also had to realize there is more to life than just business and work. I plan out certain days of the week for certain tasks in business, along with having flexible hours that I abide by unless it is an urgent need for a client. I also try to spend at least one day per week where I don’t do anything involving business and indulge in self-care whether it is just binge watching a television series or a spa day,” she continues.

The art of success often occurs when you allow yourself not to be perfect.  Managing time produces the results that pave the way to greatness.  Most business owners wear many hats so time management is the key.  “Stay focused and don’t allow people that don’t support you to influence your path or question your abilities,” she advises aspiring career professionals.  Danielle is striving to influence others to step out on faith and to go after everything they desire in life. “I will impact others by pushing through and over every obstacle that attempts to stop me from reaching my top potential. My Black Girl Magic will influence girls and women everywhere to keep going and to dream big even when others say it can’t happen,” Danielle states. Danielle Reid is defining her own success and on her own terms to impact the broader culture.  Connect with her brand online here and on social media here

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, freelance writer and educator who can be followed online as @curls_coils and @beautifulshadeslc.

All images courtesy of DR & Associates