Oh, I found out her favorite place to shop—it’s a department store.

Because Fox’s most talked about drama series “Star” is already set on your DVR or a part of your late-night television snack in some way, then you know that Season 2, Episode 10 airs tonight at 9/8c.  Now that I’ve got that out the way, Ryan Destiny or better yet, “Alexander Crane” whose role is one-third of the group Star is just as fierce and sweet in real life as her nearly 1 million following Instagram feed shows.  No wonder the girl’s career is spreading like wildfire! I caught up with the star (literally) to dig up some drama about tonight’s episode, “Rise From the Ashes” before it airs. Little did I know, we would be having a soul sister moment, or several, talking the importance of sisterhood, how her character has inspired her as a person and of course, fashion.

To me, the show and your character “Alexander Crane” is so important, because it represents rising from your position, life’s battles, in the discovery of your purpose. What will be that one circumstance in episode 10 that will push all of the characters forward or challenge them in some way?

There are a lot of different things that are going to try to sort of divide the girls in a way in the last few episodes of this season.  Um, I think at where this tour leaps in, what will happen with the label will definitely show where the characters stand with their emotions, each other and how they react to everything that is about to happen to them. You’ll definitely see the girls being shaken up within their group and dynamic of it all and how bad they want this, a group. There’s going to be a show and a shocker!

Do you feel that the girls will try to pull on each other’s strengths to get through those obstacles?

At this point, the girls are in a little bit of a rift. They are like sisters, so the girls have their ups and downs. So, it’s definitely going to be some sort of pushing through that the girls have – you know when it’s all said and done, the girls are going to love each other and at least try to do the right thing. I think the rock of it all is “Carlotta”, Queen Latifah’s character, she definitely reminds the girls of why they’re here and why they started, because I think all three of them forget that at some point.

I like to believe that roles like this, shape you not only an artist but as a person. How has the role of playing “Alexandra Crane” encouraged or inspired you as a person?

I think it’s just accepting my own flaws! I think through the character, in the beginning, I definitely had a lot of issues with playing certain scenarios. There were certain things I didn’t really want to showcase through the character I was playing. I think that now I just got to a point where that wasn’t even possible. That’s one of the beautiful things in what I do. I get to play characters that have different stories. I get to see the beauty in her. It helps me not only to see beauty in myself but just everything that happens—embracing my flaws and my imperfections. You know the show alone is great! I think this it’s a great reflection of sisterhood. We have a transgender woman, we have a queer person—

You have a mix of girls. So, I just think the show alone is important because all of them are teaching each other something at some point. We’re all here for one amazing story and to touch people with it.

How will “Alexander Crane” evolve as a character just within these upcoming episodes alone?

I think Alex now is learning her own strength and her own power that she has. I think she kind of doubted herself with somethings, even within the beginning of this season. And though all the girls figuring out things in their personal lives, she definitely is good at hiding her problems until she can’t do anything but facing them. As far as her and her career–showcasing her talents, and how important she feels she is and how underestimated she feels, she’s pushing through that. Just finding out that she’s more capable of things than she had originally thought.

Your style is pretty much “off the chain”. Can I say that? (Laughs) What’s your favorite place to shop?

That’s tricky! I rarely shop now, surprisingly.  I think one of my favorite places to shop is one of the big department stores, Nordstrom—it’s so many different things there! I just have so many things that I like and Nordstrom just has so many different styles.

After congratulating Ryan Destiny on her success for the third time before wrapping up our interview, she says…

Oh! One more thing that I can say is that I do shop for sneakers! I love Adidas, Nike, and Converse. I’m a big sneakerhead.


Image courtesy of AJ Crimson Beauty